Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The "prostitutes" have it

The results of yesterday’s poll are in. By a wide margin, Canadians feel that the Globe and Mail is best analogized as “prostitute” rather than as a “pimp”.

Here are the official polling results:

Prostitute: 71%
Pimp: 29%
Undecided: 0%

Even though this was not a random sampling of Canadians with statistically valid numbers of Canadians representative of all regions of the country, we are going to align ourselves with the Glib’s low scientific standards and present the results as if they actually did meet such standards, much in the way that the Mail and Globe accords the findings of Jim Flaherty’s non existent tax leakage analysis with full scientific and religious certitude.

Dogma can be contagious, as we all strive for the lowest common denominator.

That said, these results have a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points 19 times in 20.

Here are some representative comments in favour of The Mail and Globe is a “prostitute”:

(1) Allow me to be the first one to boldly go...Harper's the Pimp. The Globe's the Prostitute.

(2) Prostitute , but the pimp could be in the running. ROTFLMAO

(3) Its got to be prostitute. To be the Pimp is to control what product is being sold top the common "man". In the case of the Globe & Mail, they are simply following the line put out by their pimps.

(4) Our Canadian values are rapidly being eroded to a commercialized consumer based society. You are also correct to state that in America the populations are so huge that their still remains a healthy number of people that do not tune in. In the case of pimp or prostitute, I would have to say prostitute, the same as Harper, both prostitutes for big business, the real pimps!

(5) The so called news media in this country, the Globe & Mail being the prime example, are nothing more than propaganda agents whose job is to build consensus for what ever screw job our elite want to impose on us. The Globe's reporting on Income Trusts being a good example. So Whore is the term I like. Just like Harper the Whore who peddled his ass out to the Israel Lobby before he was even elected, and after to Power Corp, Manulife and all those other peddlers of mutual funds.

Editor's Note: Personally I am surprised by these results, although I am willing to accept them due to my utmost respect for the democratic process. I would have thought the Globe and Mail was the pimp and not the prostitute, as they are trying to pawn off their unsubstantiated nonsense to us as readers in much the same way as pimps try to sell their wares....lots of lipstick, high heels..........and socially transmitted this case real tax losses...foreign takeovers...excessive debt levels...domination by pension funds...lessened competitiveness...reduction in investment choice...decimated IPO market...I could go on forever.

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