Tuesday, December 3, 2013

As with Rob Ford, you have to ask Harper the "right question"

Just like Rob Ford, you have to ask Harper the right question before you'll get an incriminating response.  To wit:

 Last Saturday on CBC’s “The House” Terry Milewski made an interesting observation that may prove pretty important.

 Several times, both in Parliament and elsewhere, Harper has been asked if he knew about the $90,000 that Wright had paid to Duffy.  Every time he has flatly denied knowing anything about it before it became public.  Likewise he has now been asked frequently whether he knew about the arrangement for the Conservative Party to pay Duffy $32,000.  However, he refuses to answer that question.  The obvious implication is that he did know, and doesn’t want there to be any public record of him lying about it in case the truth does come out. 

 The program can be heard here.  Milewski joins the conversation at the 52 minute mark, and makes the comments at :58.