Friday, May 15, 2015

Adscam 2, the sequel, starring Pierre Poilievre

This sounds a lot like the sequel to Adscam, only with a new cast of characters, but hopefully the same outcome, namely a new party in office.

Adscam 2 coming to an polling booth near you. Just make sure to avoid getting the polling station location from some Robocall ne'er-do-well. 

Poilievre paid public servants overtime to help film promotional video

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Canada's closet leader won't participate in election debates!

For the latest news in our gutless leader.

This is no surprise, especially with Elizabeth May as part of the election debate mix!

Back in the 2008 Election, where I ran as the Liberal candidate in the Whitby-Oshawa riding,
Flaherty bailed out of the marquis televised debate on CTV.
The producers of CTV were running cover for Flaherty on their reasons for not holding the debate, saying that a number of candidates declined participating. 
They were right, as that "number" turned out to be  the number 1, as in Flaherty and Flaherty alone. 
Being  on excellent terms with the other candidates (Green and NDP) I was able to quickly reveal this CTV/Flaherty lie for what it was. After I had exposed the lie for what it was, I called the CTV producer back, had her repeat her lie, and then told her it was a total fabrication, as Flaherty was clearly the person behind why the televised debate did not occur.

Welcome to Harper land. When he isn't hiding in closets, he's running from debates. What a leader. NOT

Don't you think it's time Canadians cleaned out the closet and elected a real leader?

my-oh-my Ms May!

This incident only serves to demonstrate, once again, what hypocrites journalists are. Hey guys, let's have an evening of fun and merriment where politicians can let their hair down and crack a few jokes, even some off-colour jokes, BUT STOP, we are journalists and having set a trap, we will exploit it for news advantage should anyone like Elizabeth May dare cross an ill-defined line of decorum that turns on whether we can exploit someone's failed attempt at humour and turn it into manufactured public outrage, or not.
Not much different than when journalist cajole people into having their photographs taken with some goofy prop or pose, the sole purpose of which is to make those same people look like pawns/idiots in the press, something which Elizabeth May clearly is not.
No mention in the news coverage of this non-event of the fact that Harper has never attended one of these events as PM, only as Opposition Leader, and no mention that Harper in real life says outrageous things like the LIberals side with child pornographers, and yet Elizabeth May's use of the F word in the same sentence as Omar Khadr in what was clearly a joke at some journalists' version of the Comedy Club, becomes some litmus test for Elizabeth May's integrity and whatever else it has become in some people's creative minds.
Truly pathetic on the part of those who exploited this for news and political advantage. Talk about a double standard.
The only thing that Elizabeth May said wrong was that instead of saying:
'Omar Khadr, you've got more class than the whole f---ing cabinet, which was clearly a joke, she should have said:
'Omar Khadr, you've got more f---ing class than the whole f---ing cabinet, Harper included", since that would have been the truth, rather than a joke.
Maybe next time? (just kidding).

Saturday, May 9, 2015

IT'S OFFICIAL: Jim Flaherty is politically toxic

 Being a former Minister in Harper's cabinet doesn't cast much of a halo. 

Just look at Prentice and now Flaherty's wife. I guess Baird sold out when the selling was good.

Patrick Brown wins Ontario PC leadership

Backbencher Brown bested Whitby-Oshawa MPP Christine Elliott.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jim Prentice becomes the Kim Campbell of Alberta politics. Is Harper next?


After 12 consecutive majority governments and more than 43 years in power, Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives lost to the New Democratic Party in a sea change in power that will be felt across the country.

New Democrats won an unprecedented majority in what was once the most right-wing province in the country, sweeping all 19 seats in Edmonton and making inroads in previously NDP barren territory in Calgary and Lethbridge.