Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Democratic Poodles

Poodle was the term aptly coined by the British press to excoriate Tony Blair for his blind faith support of George Bush’s pretext for the invasion of Iraq, namely the existence of WMD. The British press has a way with words. It also has a way with investigative journalism. Only in Britain does it appear there are investigative journalists. Pity. Tony Blair’s blind faith belief in WMD was revealed by the British investigatove press in the Downing Street Memo affair ( which revealed the pact with Bush was based solely on blind faith.

The Canadian political scene is not without its own lap dogs. In fact there is an entire party devoted to being subservient and wholly compliant lap dogs. It’s known as the Newly Duped Poodle party of Canada. Neutered Doggie Party of Canada would be an equally descriptive name, since the NDP are seemingly emasculated in their ability to do any investigative research of their own and will glom onto any "information", no matter how false, if it supports their political dogma (poodle dogma that is). A perfect example was when Finance Critic Judy Wasylycia-Lies went off in a tirade in the House of Commons about how CAITI had supposedly donated $282,000 to the Liberal Party over the last 13 years, even though at the time CAITI had only been in existence for 4 months! Oooops! Stepped in that one didn't we Judy? Check your facts much? For the record, CAITI has a strict policy against making any political contributions whatsoever, directly or indirectly. Meanwhile, what does the concept of "due diligence" actually mean to the NDP?

This is only one example of Poodle Judy's made up facts and broad sweeping assumptions in her nonsensical pursuit of dogma. Her fallacious argument of income trusts being “Ponzi schemes” comes to mind. The biggest ponzi scheme is however the one of her own making and is contained in the many letters that her fellow Poodle Party members are sending to the vast number of concerned constituents who write to them in the belief that the NDP still represents the interests of the little guy. This form letter reads. “Dear constituent: I have spoken with Judy Wasdlylycia-Leis, our party’s Finance Critic, she is confident that the government’s estimates of future tax leakage are accurate.”

Confident? On what possible basis? Poodle logic or hard facts? Due diligence or doggie do? Given that the assertion of tax leakage is the central rationale for the double taxation of public income trusts (however no other trusts, including those public trusts being opportunistically purchased by pubic sector pension which for then only are exempt from this punitive tax), and given that 2.5 million Canadians have lost $35 billion in their life’s savings and an essential investment choice going forward,

I have one question for Jack and Judy: On what basis? Blind Faith? Wishful thinking? Heel boy? Does the NDP believe in an open and transparent government or not? Was it not the NDP that sought an investigation into the alleged leak of information in September 2005 that had the effect of moving the market in the hours before Goodale’s income trust announcement.? Judy Wasylycia-Lies was all over the RCMP, the SEC and the OSC demanding an investigation into this one day trading blip when the Liberals were in power. Now that Canada's New Masterful Government (TM) hold the leash, she’s in total lap dog mode. From pit bull to poodle. Who neutered Judy,and why? Who in the end was the sole alleged guilty party who was charged by the RCMP? Correct, Serge Nadeau, Director General of Tax Policy. Face it Judy, Ottawa has its fair share of corrupt bureaucrats in high places. Not to mention intellectually corrupt politicians. Is it not possible that these same corrupt folks are the ones with something to hide behind the 18 pages of blacked out documents? Isn't your innate sense of political curiosity aroused just a little, when these same bureaucrats send letters requesting these blacked out documents be returned immediately?

Jack and Judy: what are you people made of and what do you really stand for? So far your performance is an abysmal farce. Do you really want to go down in history as the two top dogs in Canadian politics, Poodle division?

Enjoy it while it lasts, as you're sure to be dog meat in the coming election. We know that it was your new masters in Corporate Canada who threw you this bone. However, Canadians don’t need lap dogs in office. Lap dog politicians like the two of aren’t man’s best friends. Now go lie down. You've done enough fetching to last a lifetime. Measured in man years


Anonymous said...

This is the same Judy Lots-of-Lies who thinks it's okay to go on free political junkets.

NDP MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis and her husband Ron traveled to Taiwan in August 2006 for a trip that resulted in a “two-way flow of information” between Canadian and Taiwanese officials. Total cost of the trip: $7,693.

I've got some two way news for her of my own to share.

The lap dog poodle that she is justified this trip by saying that its one of the few occasions as an MP that she gets to involve her spouse. On that basis, why not an all expense trip to Vegas? Or the poodle show in Phoenix? She and her husband are sure to win in the category of poodle politicians.

Robert Gibbs said...

I too, along with numerous others I'm sure, received the same type of form letter from folly-filled Jack & Judy and their NDP party thrice: in Dec-06, Jan-07 and Feb-07.

Essentially, all three letters skirted the principal point of the income trust taxation subject matter, and instead veered off onto some befuddled melee about
the 'sector', yields and regulation.

Clearly, Jack & Judy and the New Dimmer Party are incapable of discerning discourse and as always come tumbling down the hill of substantive sense.

Instead, little pet penchants (such as bank fees) occupy all of their pituitaries.

What a shame, since Jack & Judy claim to represent the interests of seniors, retirees and average Canadians.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Canadian indifference dooms us to the low quality of our politicians like Judy and Jack.

I've never witnessed such nonsense and lack of factual information from anything that exits Judy's mouth in particular.

I remember the tirade you mention in parliament regarding CAITI. What a laugh! and Judy, what a fool!

Check out the exchange on Wikipedia,

There is hope for all of us who wish to be politics if the lowest common denominator from the 'Peg can get elected.

Proud_to_be_Canadian said...

"Woof woof!" Judy, call for you on line 2. I think it's Jack...

Dr Mike said...

On one hand we have Judy Wasylycia-Leis--on the other hand we have Garth Turner--black & white , night & day , bad & good.

One has become a lap-dog for the government , the other has become a government watchdog.

One spouts half truths & contradictions , the other fights for the rights of the ordinary Canadians to the horror of the Conservatives.

One shouts tax leakage & ponzi schemes , the other carries our message to Ottawa.

Garth has a 4 item aganda on his western swing :

• No leader should lie to the citizens.
• No MP should hide from the voters.
• No government should deceive Canadians.
• No party should silence the people.

All things lapdog Judy & her NDP counterparts care very little about.

Which would you prefer to represent your interests in Ottawa??--an easy choice .

Dr Mike.

looking for answers said...

Speaking of the NDP .. isn't that Bob Rae over there wearing Liberal red?

Does anyone remember him in the bad old Ontario Rae Days?

Is it just me or do all these guys seem the same .. bring back the Rhynos.

Anonymous said...

looking for answers said...

Speaking of the NDP .. isn't that Bob Rae over there wearing Liberal red?

Yes indeed, that's retread Bob Rae. good for another 20,000 kms or the next blowout, whichever comes first

Anonymous said...

You have expressed it perfectly, Dr. Mike ... Don't you think Judy Wasylycia-Leis should be held liable for her false & misleading statements made outside the immunity of the H of C? I do, and I will continue to look for more damningly inconsistent testimony coming from that quarter. She did everything possible to tarnish the good reputation of Ralph Goodale, vis. RCMP Inquiry, which was nothing more than politically motivated.