Thursday, October 25, 2007

He who has betrayed the most: Stelmach or Harper?

Both of these presumed Conservatives have each implemented their own version of the National Energy Program, and yet both hail from Alberta. How strange indeed.

Both of these presumed capitalists thinks it’s okay to impose retroactive tax measures, and apparently haven’t heard of the concept of grandfathering.

Both of these presumed arbiters of just measures decided to brand these acts as “fair”. For one the retroactive tax was known as the Tax Fairness Plan. For the other, Our Fair Share plan

That’s where the similarities end, and Harper carries on alone with his unique brand of betrayal

Because unlike Stelmach, Harper promised he would never do what in the end he did. Stelmach (apparently) campaigned on the basis that his government would review the royalty regime in Alberta and carried through with this measure. Harper mislead the public by promising one thing and doing the exact opposite.

Unlike Stelmach, Harper cooked up his plan amongst a handful of six insiders consisting of two elected politicians and four bureaucrats and hatched his plan of betrayal in a surreptitious manner on Halloween, and fought tooth and nail to avoid holding public hearings or to require Flaherty to give testimony or evidence on the cornerstone assertions. Whereas Stelmach commissioned a panel and allowed for public input which in the end served to modify Stelmach’s adoption of what the panel recommended.

Stelmach’s royalty measure will actually serve to increase royalty revenue to the potential betterment of Albertans. Harper’s royalty measure will only serve to reduce tax revenue to Ottawa to the detriment of all Canadians and the loss of $35 billion in Canadians hard earned savings, translating into a significant diminution of many seniors’ standard of living in retirement and greater reliance on Canada’s social system. The takeouts to date from Harper’s plan have casued a $2 billion loss in annual taxes to Ottawa, that will eventually rise to $7.5 billion a year in lost taxes. A classic lose, lose, lose.

Unlike Stelmach, Harper is a total hypocrite, since on the one hand he has never heard of the concept of grandfathering when it comes to trusts held by average Canadians, and yet he instantly cites this very concept to allow Abu Dhabi Energy to acquire Prime West Energy, a deal that had only just been announced and not even formally made, on the basis that: ““Changing the rules in the middle of the game is not how this country does business.”.. Two days after the fact hardly constitutes the “middle of the game”, although ten years on with income trusts in the marketplace most certainly does.

Unlike Stelmach, Stephen Harper operates a minority government and is itching for an election. That’s the good news, since no doubt Harper would quote his good buddy George Bush (to the insurgients in Iraq) “Bring ‘em on”.

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Dr Mike said...

Fairness this , fairness that--blah blah blah!!!

All I can say , is fair to who??????--sure not to the little guy on the street trying to make ends meet--not fair to the Canada pension fund who lost 158 million dollars in this mess , although I am sure these guys will recoup their losses thru the eventual purchase of some cheap energy or business trusts just ripe for the taking.

This plan is only perceived as fair by those uninformed in the public & media who believe the government at face value--it is also perceived as fair by all those corporations that had to compete with trusts for the available capital in order to pay their exhorbitant executive fees.

I hand it to Mr Stelmach for at least following thru on his election promise to review the royalty set-up while doing the necessary consultations with all those directly involved in any decision.

Mr Flaherty has to be condemned for his lack of consultation--he could care less about what happens to those invlved in the trust decision--his cold-hearted & self serving edict has cost many dearly.

If he thinks that we have forgotten , then shame on him--people do not always forget when they have been wronged--he will see the wrath of the trust investor once an election is called.

Mr Flaherty beware , your time of reconning is fast approaching & I am personally looking forward to see you & your Heartless comrades booted out on the street where you belong.