Friday, December 21, 2007

On the good ship Harper Valdez

(Sung to the tune of The Good Ship Lollipop)

On the good ship Harper Valdez
Where we're headed is anyone's guess
Little Jimbo plays
Making mincemeat out of senior's nest eggs

On the good ship Haper Valdez
It's a short trip to a fiscal mess
Surplus heading south
Soon we'll all be living hand to mouth


Tootrusting said...

Nice cartoon.

It says it all, even if you never invested in Income Trusts YOU will be paying for the mess.

Welcome to Harpers version of economics and accountability.

nineofiveland said...

Brent for PM!

Robert Gibbs said...

IT For Income Trusts

Remember, Remember
The 1st Of November
The Conservative's Income Trust Treason And Plot

I Know Of No Reason
Why The Income Trust Treason
Should Ever Be Forgot