Thursday, April 8, 2010

Harper's proof of tax leakage from today's Globe

Stephen Harper: The black ink squid.

Can you actually believe that Harper was audacious enough, and the Canadian media gullible enough to accept the argument of "threat to National Security" as being Harper's argument for why he issued 18 pages of blacked out documents as the only proof of tax leakage, and the main false justification a policy that destroyed $35 billion of Canadians hard earned life savings and took an essential investment choice away from then?

Shame on the Canadian media. Shame on every MP in the House of Commons. Meanwhile Canadians are without any effective the media.

Makes me ashamed to be a Canadian to be living amongst such compliant sycophants. Like squids, I have learned that virtually all Canadians are spineless beings.


Dr Mike said...

Oh what could have been.

The income trust cover-up was the beginning of the end for Canadian democracy as we know it as they got away with implementing a very serious tax change without justification --- this change resulted in losses in the billions for many who could least afford it.

This scandalous about face has led us to this week where the hiding of Afghan documents is accepted as normal.

This is the fault of the MPs who let this happen--shame on you for voting on an issue without demanding the truth be told.

Blind acceptance is a feature of Venezuela or Afghanistan & not Canada.

Shame on you --- you don`t deserve the faith we have placed in you.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Squid analogy is applicable for the local rag of David and Lorraine Marshall's community.
I looked to see if their local paper had done and article about the Marshall Plan - NOTHING.

Around the end of February, I emailed their local rag using their contact form. Yes I did provide all my info (they make you).
The Cornwall local rag were given the MSP website and told Diane Francis referred to it as brilliant. From the human interest side - what could their reporters find out about this 'interesting sounding' not so stereotypical senior couple ... other Canadians need want to know, blah, blah, blah

NO REPLY. I wasn't totally surprised as I believe their local rag is CANWEST.
Too much weird stuff going on there right now ... but their print side seems to be much better than the alternatives these days.

Maybe there should be a CAITI posting about the Shaw bid, and the court battle between Shaw, the Asper family and the Asper family's connection with Goldman Sachs? I also read somewhere John Tory (the CON that gave McGuinty the Ontario Premier job) had a stake in it and is supporting the Asper family to keep control of CANWEST.

There - handling that topic will require backbone. Thanks for considering.

Bruce Benson said...

Brent you are absolutely correct. Since the Media, MP's and the Canadian public don't give a damn about this injustice it makes it really hard for me to feel any compassion to any other slighted group. Spinless Canadians pretty much sums it up.

Anonymous said...

The New Canadian Hush Media

The Globe, CTV , CBC etc.. have no spine in what was an inside con job by political lobby to kill the the income trust structure and ravage savings from seniors and Canadians.

Where was the media on this lie this fraud, this cover-up this $35 Billion crime..... Hush News Media

The New Canadian Hush Media.
Thats why nobody is reading newspapers or watching the news, heck your watching Hush News.

Brent what you reported was one of the best reporting I ever followed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent

Yes Canadians are spineless beings. As a victim of some horendous business crimes I can attest to that. I regret that I stayed and did not pull up stakes 50 some years ago.

Best regards Bernard

evision said...
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