Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The damage is already done

The damage is already done

Published 20 minutes ago
Toronto Star

Re: Flaherty right to worry about burden on young, May 11

When I read your article’s opening line — “Jim Flaherty has stated the first principle for any national initiative to help Canadians increase their retirement income should be: Do no harm” — I couldn’t help but wretch in disgust. This is the same Jim Flaherty who broke the Conservative “promise” never to touch trust units, thus wiping out nearly $35 billion from investors and retirees alike.Do no harm? No government in Canadian history has done more harm to retirement incomes than the Conservatives, led by the dictatorial duo of Jim Flaherty and Stephen Harper.Income trusts were an ideal vehicle that provided retirees a dependable and steady stream of income, while at the same time allowing Canadian-owned corporations the ability to raise capital for further growth and expansion.And what has happened since the Halloween Day massacre? Retirees have seen their life savings vanish and many once-prosperous Canadian-owned companies are now in the hands of foreign owners.Do no harm? It’s way too late for that, Mr. Flaherty.

Alan Rogers,


Anonymous said...

No harm

with no private or public pension plan
these shoemaker politicians
of Flaherty/Harper and their clans
raped my personal pension plan.

This is fraud this was and still is harm to me and my family


Bruce Benson said...

It is amazing that Canadians are so heartless, uncaring and cruel. Perhaps the problem is ignorance. Ignorance that has been enabled by government lies and/or a lax or bought off press. Canadians are not aware of or don’t give a damn about the destruction this idiot called Flaherty has caused. They may not be aware that their potential savings for retirement have been ravaged before they have had a chance to save. Investors who have been taken to the cleaners already know what it is like to have their retirement dreams destroyed or delayed. Yet this mindless jerk Flaherty has the nerve to say “Do no harm”. What planet is this asshole from?

Dr Mike said...

Hey Bruce

These politicians are in a world of their own where gold-plated pensions abound & the little guys like us are a mere inconvenience to be cultivated like weeds when an election is at hand.

The rest of the time they tell us to "shut the f--k up".

The public does not care because it did not affect them & because these guys like Flaherty made us look like a bunch of greedy old bastards that were ripping off the taxpayer--- we had too much money & deserved to pay.

Everything is run by the PMO who counts on their mindless backbenchers for support.

If you look at the pecking order here in Canada , you will see why we got the shaft.

CEOs > PMO > Cabinet ministers > Mindless back benchers > public civil servants > local gov`ts > local civil servants > insignificant others > you & I.

Screwed again & not enjoying it.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Bruce asks: “What planet is this (Flaherty) asshole from?”

Uranus perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but will someone tell me what the definition of 'no harm' is? Apparently there is 'no harm' to me for losing over 115 thousand dollars to the South Koreans. If that is so, why does it hurt so much? Next year there will be 'no harm' for having to pay 63% double taxes. All this new vocabulary is becoming very confusing to me.

Neal & Bernice said...

NO HARM? PLease............

We have no pension plan,no gov't gold plated retirement for us. We worked our _____ off and saved. But kings Harper and Flaherty, decided "off with their heads," and overnight our retirement was destroyed. 1/3+ of our savings wiped out, never to come back, and they sit on their thrones talking about "no harm." It makes me sick.

Now we have the new tax on the horizon, complete with blacked out information, a news media that won't touch it, and an opposition that won't push it.

This is not the democracy our grandparents, uncles and aunts died for.

Something has gone seriously wrong folks.


Anonymous said...

Looks like more damage to come from Flaherty ...

I haven't seen actual journalism for quite some time.

Brent Fullard said...


Thanks for the link to that story about the BS behind Flaherty's single national securities regulators.

The press have themselves to blame for Flaherty's modus operand of BS'ing the public, since he was so successful at BS'ing the press and the Canadian public on everything to do with income trusts.

Why would Flaherty ever adopt a different strategy than blatant BS, given how successful it's been for him in the recent past and the utter gullibility of the Canadian press corps?

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