Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gee, we could have had a G8!

My neighbour here in Muskoka was in Huntsville the other day and told me that they have clear cut a 30’ wide swath through the forest that surrounds Deerhurst (the site of the G8 black fly summit) in order to erect a 10’ high perimeter security fence. All for the sake of one lousy day, which is what the G8 has been reduced to, now that Harper agreed to having the event morph into a G20, at the additional cost of some $1billion ++.

Should have stuck with the original plan at a fraction of the cost. To think, we could have had a G8......and we still would have been “world class”.


Dr Mike said...

Man O Man , how are these clowns getting away with all of this , from buried hydrants to fake lakes.

Is the opposition going to let them off the hook as they flounder to explain this all away.

My fear is yes.

One attack ad is all they need & that ain`t a gonna happen

Dr Mike

PS---nice squirrel , I hear he is getting paid $106 an hour & all the politicians he can eat.

Anonymous said...


We are the Laughing stock of the!

Will E

Brent Fullard said...

Will E.:

It kind of reminds of the movie Caddy Shack

Anonymous said...

G20 focus is not Huntsville, its the energy trusts out west.
The G20 bobble heads & the media are in Huntsville.
The G20 bankers are in Alberta.

Ah...CTV and CBC media are fooled again.