Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rick Mercer introduces "The Lie Sack"

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Dr Mike said...

Man o man , with Harper as supreme boss & his idiot sidekick Jim Flaherty at the helm of Finance , all Canadians should get themselves a dozen boxes.

Those lies just keep on a commin.

I keep wondering when a real opposition will step-up to the plate & hold them accountable.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

And the Conservative diehards can't read even one of those signs.

This government has been lying so much it's hard to keep track of all the lies.


Anonymous said...

Oh whats a few hundred lies anyway. They won't even be noticed by the 30% of Canadian knuckle heads.

Kid Leduc said...

In the news today:

John Manley urges Harper not to use public funds for pro sports teams

at 15:48 on September 20, 2010, EDT.
By The Canadian Press

MONTREAL - Former Liberal cabinet minister John Manley has some advice for Prime Minister Stephen Harper about providing public funding for a new Quebec City arena: Don't do it!

When he was in cabinet 10 years ago, Manley tried to get federal money to help NHL teams in Canada.

The idea was dropped because of public outrage, and Manley says he still has deep scars from that period of his political career.

After a speech in Montreal today, the former deputy prime minister told reporters that Canadians don't want professional sports teams to be supported by public money.


Why are we getting this story now, two days before the Common House does gun control?

Methinks it's one of those subliminal messages between corporate elites to say "Harper is losing it..."

He's not losing it with the Progressive Cowards of Canadian Democracy. He's losing it with the real and deep-pockets elites of T.O.

Anonymous said...

Hey the $1.5B wasted on the G20 could have built what 5-6 arenas? All you sports fans should write Harper and tell him that you're disappointed that you favourite city won't get an arena because he blew the wad on a party.

Maybe that realization will get you sport nuts involved.