Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tom Petty to Jim Flaherty: You're jammin' me

You're Jammin' Me

You got me in a corner
You got me against the wall
I got nowhere to go
I got nowhere, but to fall

Take back your insurance
Since nothin's guaranteed
Take back your losin' streak

You're jammin' me, You're jammin' me
Quit jammin' me
Baby you can keep me painted in a corner
You can walk away, but it's not over

Take back your angry slander
Take back your pension plan

1 comment:

Dr Mike said...

Jimmy needs to get his own band on the boards.

Jimmy & the Geezer Mashers.

Jimmy & the Old Fart Floggers

Jimmy & the Promise Breakers

Yeah , Jimmy & the Promise Breakers with Big Steve on piano & vocals , Peter MacKay on Sex , oops , I mean Sax , Johnny Baird on Drums pounding the CRAP out of stuff & last but not least Uncle Tony Clement on Kazoo.

Yeah , I love it.

Dr Mike Popovich