Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Send your message to Joe Oliver

Here's a delusional website designed to drum up faux nationalistic interest in opposing the process known as the environmental review of the Northern Gateway Pipeline. The website is known by the euphemistic name of ourdecision.ca

There you have a chance to "send Joe Oliver a message".

Here was my message to Joe Oliver:

Your rhetoric about foreign interests is an embarrassment. So too is your attempt to circumvent due process. Your definition of "Our" as in Our Pipeline, Our Country, Our jobs, Our decision, is exclusionary by the very nature of your actions, making it an oxymoron. Not impressed in the least by your bulldozer tactics.


Dr Mike said...

If you take a look at the bottom of the ourdecision.ca web page , it links directly to Ezra Levant`s "Ethical OIl" book seller page.

Not only does it appear that the Canadian gov`t is paying for the original page , but it appears to be hawking fellow Con-man Levant`s book.

Sure got to love these guys , they protect their own.

Dr Mike Popovich

Bruce Benson said...

Here is what I sent.

Give me a break. It's funny that you don't mention foreign oil interests like the Chinese government or the Saudis who are buying up Canadian oil companies. Hell, most of the oil industry is already owned by foreigners including the U.S. So really who is the pipeline going to benefit? The Harper Government is hell bent on selling us out thus benefiting everyone else and excluding Canadians.

Anonymous said...

We need more people like Joe!
Where have you people been to know what is going on in the real world?
It seems to me that you only want to be critical about what the government is doing.(I am not a conservative)Brent and Dr Mike want to say something to do harm to progress.Why don't you wake up and smell the coffee? It seems to me you still have to learn a lot about what real life is.

Brent Fullard said...


It's not a question of my "wanting" to be critical of the Harper government, but rather of case of Harper making it impossible for me to not be critical of his government.

Sadly (for me) I can't think of one thing or one policy action of the Harper government that I could speak positively about, starting with Harper's reduction of the GST from 7% to 5% to his income trust tax fraud to his HST to his shutting down of the Canadian Wheat Board, to name just 4 policies that make no sense.

Whose to blame? Me or Harper?

Dr Mike said...


I take it that you think that what happened today in Davos was just kiss-butt A-ok.

Harper makes an announcement about "major pension changes" which will impact so many & he does not even have enough nerve to announce it here.

I guess when you have a majority , the little guy can go suck a cracker.

Dr Mike Popovich

PS--How about a real name---now that would make it more interesting.

Daniel Milstein said...

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