Monday, February 6, 2012

Stephen Harper: Our fair weather Prime Minister

How revealing of our fair weather Prime Minister that he only shows up at London, Ontario's Electo-Motive plant for photo-ops to announce corporate tax cuts, and is no where to be seen when the plant's owner, Caterpillar Inc. subsequently shuts it down, throwing 450 skilled Canadian workers out of their jobs.

Quiz: What's does Stephen Harper have in common with Caterpillar?

Answer: Both are creepy crawlers


Bruce Benson said...

Let’s get this straight, those 450 London skilled workers are just piss ants in Harper’s scheme of things. Oh and that 5 million of our tax dollars was just a parting gift. If you think Harper and his criminal band of thugs will step in and help well you better give your head a shake. Not going to happen even if they had some semblance of balls and fair play. I wonder how many of these workers voted CON and how much they regret that decision?

Dr Mike said...

Harper`s message to Londoners , "see you next election".

Instead of coming to town to help or getting on a plane to take on Cat`s corporate headquarters , there he is in Davos or Beijing with a bus load of corporate elite munching shrimp & having a few "pops" on the taxpayer`s dime.

Got to love a guy that only shows his face when he wants something & the rest of the time it is go "suck lemons".

Last election , Londoners gave him a strong mandate electing 3 out of 4 MPs to the Con benches.

With the sense of abandonment we now feel , 0 out of 4 will be the best this guy will get next time out.

We don`t forget.

Dr Mike Popovich near London Ontario

Anonymous said...

Okay London you know the feeling of being shocked , lied , fabricated and now robbed of your jobs and pension by a Harper fraud government.

Next election shake my hand !