Friday, May 4, 2012

Twitter aids and abets those engaged in fraudulent impersonation

Some pathetic individual thought it would be a good idea to appropriate my name and my image and commence posting comments under that false guise on Twitter. Twitter's sign up procedures are so lax that such an act is easily committed.

Upon learning about this clear cut case of fraudulent impersonation, I informed Twitter of the facts and instructed then to terminate this fraudulent account and to inform me of who was behind this sorry act.  I then had to go through hurdles to validate that I was the real Brent Fullard as opposed to the imposter posting under that name and under my image under Twitter.

Twitter then informed  me of the following:

Thank you for providing this information. We have removed the reported profile from circulation due to violation of the Twitter Rules ( regarding impersonation. Your faxed ID has been shredded.
Twitter Trust and Safety

I again asked Twitter to inform me of who was behind this sorry act. Twitter's response was:

Per our Privacy Policy, Twitter does not release user information except as required by valid legal process.
Twitter Trust and Safety

To which I responded:

Impersonation of this sort is a  criminal offense in Canada. By not releasing the name of the individual who engaged in this fraudulent impersonation, as I have requested, you are aiding and abetting a crime. Is that what Twitter's Privacy Policy is designed to achieve, the aiding and abetting of those engaged in criminal impersonation?



Dr Mike said...

Hey Brent

Criminals have all the rights---just look at the returning to Canada of Conrad Black , convicted felon welcomed with open arms.

Keep up the fight.

Dr Mike

sassy said...

Is it possible that they would produce the information if a warrant was issued?

Anonymous said...


That would mean exposing the HarperCons. The RCMP being in the back pocket of the HarperCons would never pursue criminal charges and hence the chance of getting a warrant issued is zip.