Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Canada's original eco-terrorist?

According to a news report yesterday, a recent survey reveals that half of Canadians live in fear of an attack by eco-terrorists.

Obviously this survey was prompted by Stephen Harper's constant use of the term "eco-terrorist", when describing those who oppose the Northerm gateway pipeline.

How ironic, since what these Canadians don't realize is that Canada has already been the subject to an attack by eco-terrorists, back in October of 2006, on Halloween of all days, by none other than Stephen Harper himself.

You see, Stephen Harper, is Canada's original "eco-terrorist",  as in "ecomomic terrorist", destroying $35 billion in Canadians hard earned retirement savings with the single stroke of the pen (or was it simply a shrug of his shoulders) when he taxed income trusts, and yet not a single shred of evidence to justify such an action.

All this after being elected on his explicit election promise to "never tax income trusts". 

Eco- terrorist indeed! None other than Stephen Harper himself


Bruce Benson said...

All this from a Trained Economist, what a laugh, more like a puppet with the hands of the CCCE stuck firmly up Harper's ass.

Dr Mike said...

All I can say is %^&^%^#@@##$$$$

Dr Mike Popovich