Monday, October 1, 2012

Elizabeth May writes to Queen seeking to restore Canada to a free and fair democracy

Letter to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, requesting a Royal Inquiry to restore Canada to a free and fair democracy
August 30, 2012
Your Majesty,
I wish to write to you regarding a matter of grave importance to Canadians, and I request your assistance with this matter. The mechanisms Canada had in place to ensure free and fair democratic elections appear to be failing.
Many Canadians are concerned that our democracy is endangered, due to election infractions in our most recent elections, the lack of investigation of infractions, the de-funding of investigative bodies, and unprecedented prorogations of Canada’s Parliament, which threaten to undermine the fundamental basis of democracy in Canada. I write to request that Your Majesty Commission a Royal Inquiry to investigate what may potentially be criminal activities which influenced Canada’s last election, and that the aim of the Royal Inquiry be to restore Canada to a free and fair democracy.
Shortly following the last election, I wrote to the head of Elections Canada to express these concerns. I have also repeatedly requested in Parliament that Prime Minister Stephen Harper Commission a Royal Commission of Inquiry. I have never received any response. I remain concerned that with Canadian elections in question, that the current government in power may not be legitimate.
Furthermore, because of the nature of political appointments in Canada, I am concerned there may not be an appropriate vice-regal or appointee within Canada who would be able to objectively undertake the important task of investigating Canada’s elections.
I will, by copy of this letter, share these concerns and request with the Governor General of Canada. I request that Your Majesty please seek a resolution which will benefit all Canadians, by restoring Canadian’s confidence that we can have a free and fair democracy.
I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant,
Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P.
Elizabeth May,
Officer of the Order of Canada,
Leader of the Green Party of Canada
Member of Parliament, Saanich-Gulf Islands


Dr Mike said...

Isn`t this ironic, the only MP with any cojones is a woman.

Go Elizabeth go.....

Dr Mike Popovich

PS----Elizabeth , please let us now when you receive a response

Bruce Benson said...

And just what exactly is the Queen going to do? Step on Harpers little bum boy the GG and force him to do his job. Highly unlikley. Oh, did I mention that Harper has his nose so far up the Queens ass thus ensuring nothing is going to change.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Elizabeth is strying. The Liberals and the NDP do nothing to stop this maniac.

And yes Dr. Mike - it is ironic.


Anonymous said...

Dear Queen. I dont like the way things are going and the democratic results so, could you change them for me. PS, I'd be a great Prime Minister.
E. May
there is a reason that her party finishes so poorly every election, she's a certified whack job.
And she has followers? This is a PR stunt, its got nothing to do with facts or regulations, yet, read the supporters. Its like you've all lost your minds. Regardless of what you think in your tiny little brains, if election rules were broken then charges will be laid. This nonsense about cover ups is just that, nonsense. Mind you, there are still people who believe that the moon landing was fake and the CIA and the US flew those planes into the WTC on 9/11 so, I guess this isnt really a stretch. Pathetic yes, but not a stretch.

Dr Mike said...

" Anonymous said...
Dear Queen."

Hey buddy grow a pair---you kick out a stupid statement like that , give us your name & stand for something.

It`s easy to slag someone when you have nothing at stake.

As I say , grow a pair & you will at least come up to Elizabeth`s knees in stature.

Dr Mike Popovich near London Ont

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth May was front and centre with Mr Harper in the debates concerning dividends and Income trust issue !

Democracy must be free and fair
this is the true Canada !

Go Elizabeth Go !!