Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Flaherty's GM fail

Interesting that on the same day that GM announces that it's shifting future Camaro production from Oshawa to a plant in Michigan, they also announce that they're buying back $5 billion in stock from the US government....and not Canada.

Bottom line, Canada helps funds the bailout of GM, but gets none of the benefits, showing what a pathetic negotiator Jim Flaherty is. This is Flaherty's idea of an economic action plan?


Dr Mike said...

Conclusion : Jim Flaherty is an idiot....

End of the story.

Dr Mike Popovich

Bruce Benson said...

So what does this say about the Press and the reporters that dote on Flaherty's every word. I guess they have short memories and don't remember that every one of Flahery's projections are shear bull shit. Let's not forget how Flaherty turned billions and billions of surplus revenue in to the largest deficit in Canadian history. This idiot does not deserve the time of day. When will Flaherty be called out for what he really is?

Anonymous said...

I am lost for words , Flaherty from Whitby is a failure. Now for the Bank of Canada saying we have less then 2% inflation ! Well losing your job or having your salary drop by 40% your inflation rate just tripled !

GM Employees stay your grounds !