Thursday, February 28, 2013

Harper's little house of horrors

Just think, each of these people listed below was hand picked by Stephen Harper. What does that tell you about Stephen Harper and his capacity for governing Canada?

The latest disgrace being Tom Flanagan, Harper's campaign manager in the 2006 election, and the individual who along with (now) Senator Doug Finlay was the one who attempted to bribe Chuck Cadman and buy his vote in Parliament, a criminal offense that Harper had foreknowledge of.

Tom Flanagan  (Tom Flanagan is okay with child pornography)

Patrick Brazeau (Senator Patrick Brazeau accused of pushing woman down stairs)

Arthur Porter ( Canada’s former spy watchdog is now a wanted man in Quebec)

Bruce Carson (influence peddling)

Mike Duffy (P.E.I. Senator Mike Duffy under fire for living expenses)

Pamela Wallin ( Senator Pamela Wallin paid back some of her expenses: report)


Dr Mike said...

Don`t forget Vic Toews , the man babysitters find irresistible.

And then there is Maxime Bernier , the man without a briefcase.

Last but not least good old Tony Clement , that guy can move money faster than TD bank on a Friday afternoon.

Harper sure has an eye for talent , no doubt about it.

Dr Mike Popovich

Michael said...

What does it tell me? It tells me that we can make a similar list of people that Liberals have appointed to various posts over the years. Pott, keetle, black.

Anonymous said...

Harper Chaos for Canada and more to come!!