Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Evan Solomon: Latest entrant to Canadian Journalists' Hall of Shame

Canadian journalists have their Canadian journalists awards, that are awarded annually for excellence in journalism, whereas it seems the Canadian Journalists' Hall of Shame, awarded for excesses as a  journalist, requires daily updates. It currently reads:

Canadian Journalists' Hall of Shame

Evan Solomon of CBC
Amanda Lang  of CBC
Mike Duffy of CTV
Peter Mansbridge  of CBC
Leslie Roberts of Global News
Jian Ghomeshi  of CBC
Pamela Wallin  of CTV


Anonymous said...

What a bunch ..... and we depended on these folks to deliver our Canadian National News !!......PBS ... Frontline ....anybody ?


Brent Fullard said...

Speaking of PBS, shills like Amanda and Evan get easily seduced into thinking they possess the power they employ, when in fact that power derives solely from their employer, as Evan will soon find out.

David Brooks of the NYT often makes that point when he appears on PBS Newshour every Friday saying things like "I doubt whether much of what I have to say would be of much relevance if it weren't for the fact that I write for the New York Times."