Saturday, January 30, 2016

The latest joke from the CBC

What a joke! The CBC has set up a website where sources can post anonymous tips about wrongdoing in the belief that the CBC will actually pursue these stories.

Any belief on the part of Canadians that the CBC would actively pursue wrongdoing is totally misplaced, as evidenced by the CBC's complete unwillingness to pursue Harper's $35 billion income trust fraud.

The CBC was repeatedly asked by Canadians across the country to investigate this matter, but instead CBC actively suppressed this news story and the falsehood's behind Harper's tax leakage arguments, as blogged about here:

CBC’s active suppression of the news

CBC has flushed income trust taxpayers down their toilet

Blown off by Don Newman

CBC’s pretense of soliciting questions from Canadians for Stephen Harper

This is  grossly irresponsible on the part of the CBC

Hey, doesn't CBC's Amanda Lang's husband work for Peter Munk?

etc. etc.


Anonymous said...

Now Seniors need to be tech savvy to post their anonymous concerns their retirement income concerns .....

Dr Mike said...

Two words to describe the CBC Jian Ghomeshi

Nufff said....

Dr Mike