Thursday, August 13, 2009

NDP to merge with Green Party?

At their upcoming Halifax convention, members of the NDP Party will vote on the following resolution:

7-26-09 Exploring Merger with Other Political Party

BE IT RESOLVED THAT if this reporting process indicates that the party
members and riding associations are open to the possibility of such a merger,
the federal party should initiate discussions with the Green Party of Canada to
Page 19
consider a merger of the two parties, possibly beginning with an agreement to
work together in an electoral alliance or partnership in the next federal election.


LMA said...

Harking back to Tommy Douglas' Story of Mouseland, a merger of the NDP and Greens might mean we would no longer have to vote for black or white cats. The Green Democratic Party. Love it.

Dr Mike said...

What about a total merger of the left , the LIbs , Dippers & Green.

Now that would get rid of the Bloc as a relevant entity & it would freak-out the Cons at the same time.

Now that would be a good days work!!

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Dr.Mike..Ill vote for that...