Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stockwell Day's commitment: Not worth the paper it's written on

November 8, 2005.

Dear Mr. Laxton

Thank you for expressing your concerns about the confusion the Minister of Finance has caused on income trusts.

Income trusts have helped numerous Canadian companies grow and flourish and enabled ordinary Canadians to generate more income for their retirement years. The federal Liberal government's reckless decision last September to cancel advance tax rulings on income trusts caused Canadian businesses to lose billions of dollars in market capitalization and Canadians to lose thousands of dollars of personal savings.

Canadians investing in good faith to save for their retirement deserve certainty, not a government review of how the Liberals can grab more taxes from them.

We know that Canadians draw regularly form their investments to supplement their retirement savings. When the value of their investments drops as a result of government indecisiveness, so does their retirement income. It is time the government stopped penalizing our citizens.

My colleagues and I in the Conservative Party are committed to maintaining income trusts as a valuable savings and investment tool for Canadians.

Thank you again for contacting me,

Yours sincerely,

[signed Stockwell Day]

Stockwell Day, M.P.
Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic


Proud Canadian said...

"Stockwell Day's commitment: Not worth the paper it's written on"

I'm just curious if Mr.Day's commitment isn't worth the paper that it is written on,how is it that it is worth being on your blog?

I just find it strange. A little contradiction on your part,don't you think so?

Dr Mike said...

Proud Canadian

Politicians of all stripes must be held accountable.

I was a Conservative supporter for over 3 decades until I believed guys like Stockwell & their promise not to tax trusts.

This new tax did irreparable damage to older guys like me who invested in trusts only after the Cons were elected on this promise.

Mr Day must of had to really bite his lip on this one as he is a decent guy with sound ideals as are most Con MPs.

I am sure they were blindsided as much as the rest of us when they were told how to vote on this issue as it was not a free vote when Jim Flaherty brazenly tied the trust tax to other legislation.

I am sure it was a sad day for Stockwell as it was the rest of us.

Dr Mike Popovich

Proud Canadian said...

"Politicians of all stripes must be held accountable."

I agree sir! I don't deny that,it's all part of the great democracy that we all live in. It's just that I find it odd if something isn't worth being on paper,why would it be worth your time to put it on your blog?

Dr Mike said...

Stockwell Day is a prominent Canadian & I have a ton of respect him--he is a more than adequate minister & he will get the credit due from me.

His writings are just one of the many letters from other Conservative MPs & comments made by such citizens as Stephen Harper , Jim Flaherty & others who declared in writing & on video that they would not tax trusts & that they would defend us from the Liberal horde.

As a prominent Canadian he is responsible for what he says & does.

I am sure he would be the first to say that if any blog wants to reprint a letter such as this , then go for it.

Dr Mike

PS--I didn`t write this blog but I defend the right of the author to print it.

Dr Mike said...
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Proud Canadian said...

"PS--I didn`t write this blog but I defend the right of the author to print it."

I think your missing the point sir. Who ever put this post up has all the right in the world to do so. It's a free country.It's just that I see a contradiction here " not worth being on paper,but worth being on this blog." Don't you find it ironic? Maybe it's just me!

Dr Mike said...

I find it as ironic as the Stockwell Day letter was in retrospect.

I am sure many Con MPs look back on the whole trust fiasco as ironic as Jim Flaherty made his tax leakage claims & then refused to show how he derived them.

I always find censorship of defined value ironic.

I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

Dr Mike

Dr Mike

Proud Canadian said...

I more question sir! Are you really a Doctor, or is it just the moniker that you use? Nice chatting with you!

Dr Mike said...

Yes I am , but retired.

Dr Mike Popovich
Rodney Ont

CAITI said...

Proud Canadian:

Your comment is most bewildering.

One minute you are espousing the belief that:

"Politicians of all stripes must be held accountable....I agree sir!"

And then you state:

"It's just that I find it odd if something isn't worth being on paper,why would it be worth your time to put it on your blog?"

How can honestly hold the view that politicians should be accountable and then question the basis on which I am holding this politician to account for his past written promises.

Then you go on to say that:

"I just find it strange. A little contradiction on your part,don't you think so?"

I dare say, the contradiction is yours, and certainly not mine.

Brent Fullard

Richard the Vitriolic said...

Looks like 'Proud Canadian" does not understand the concept of Pious Hiprocisy emitting from Stockwell Day and the rest of those Con Party Fascist Goofs every time they open their lying mouths. Go look up the term dude.

Randy said...

Proud Canadian

The point that you have obviously missed or are choosing to miss is that the blog author is showing how worthless Stockwell Day's words are. The letter is but an example.

It’s intended for those who are a little more insightful allowing them to connect the dots to the other broken promises made by the CONservatives regarding income trusts.

I hope this help you understand the catastrophic decision made by the CONservatives that cost Canadian investors $35billion and all tax payers billions of dollars in lost tax revenue per year ad infinitum. Aren’t you concerned about the cost to you the taxpayer?