Friday, February 11, 2011

CRTC: Where u at?

The CRTC has completely lost its way. Instead of promoting rules that make it easier for falsehoods to be disseminated in the media (as they are) or for internet costs to be allowed to sky rocket (as they are), the CRTC should be watching out for the public's interests in matters like informing Canadians about the risks associated with technologies like texting while driving, and calling upon the industry they regulate to get that message out to consumers and the general public.

Instead, notice that Bell Canada has a massive public relations campaign currently running that is focused on mental health issues, while ignoring one very real issue that goes to the core of its business, namely the dangers of texting while driving, and that Bell Canada has a moral responsibility to address, unlike the mental health issue. Contrast Bell Canada with AT&T in the US who should be applauded for the campaign they have launched that deals with the very real dangers of texting while driving:


Meanwhile the misguided priorities of MPs in Ottawa is not to protect Canadians and all of society from the dangers of those who are foolishly texting while driving, but rather worried about television commericals being too loud (as they are). Talk about a classic case of LOL.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that Canadian bureaucats are cowards. They've seen what happens to good people who try to do the right thing as per the legislation; and they're not Keen to have their head served on a platter to Prime Messy S. Herod.

Look at what happened with the wireless-width sale. The Justice Dept could have told the PMO "Not authorized" by law; but we have a ATV jock who makes-up the rules as he runs around.

Still we need some old tymers who're brave enough to die on their sword just because its the right thing to do

Brent Fullard said...

Do i detect some plagiarism here?

On February 11th I write:

The CRTC has completely lost its way

On February 12th Snobelen writes:

CRTC has lost its way

Can't keep up in the new media age


February 12, 2011

Anonymous said...

Strongly agree ... disgusting how Cdns pay the highest rates in the world for cell, phone & internet and get the worst service.

FYI - if you don't like Bell's India call centre and capable of speaking French - call the French line. The Fr line is based in Quebec. They will not want to serve you if calling from another province - but they have to. Simply tell them you pay for Cdn service and want Cdn Service. During my call I also discovered Quebecers pay $5 less a month for phone and $5 less for internet. Good for them as they complain loudly and it works.

No offense intended to those of Indian descent. Too many I know lost Bell jobs years ago in T.O. and Ottawa thanks to the closing of those call centres. They have moved on, but lost way too much purchasing power along the way. Thank you Bell for being such a great corporate citizen ... LOL. Real poster people for mental health with all our outrageous rates and crappy service. I could do with a therapist after I get my Bell bill or have to make a service call. Or the next time I am nearly in an accident thanks to someone texting or yaking on their cell instead of paying attention on the road I will think about the concept of mental health.