Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tim Hortons must think it's a nation state?

How delusional is this? This picture was taken at the recent Tim Horton's annual shareholders' meeting meeting in Toronto.

Or was it at the UN?

What's with the flags? Looks like a Press Briefing at the White House.

Name one other corporation that holds its shareholder meeting with flags present?

I can't.

I think these Tim Hortons people have become a trifle delusional and have begun drinking their own Kool-aid (Coffee?) and think they define all things political, when all they really are is a doughnut shop.


WesternGrit said...

Their coffee is crappy too. The double-double is going to be the leading cause of death in Canadians pretty soon - thanks to the 1000+ calories (or whatever it is), not to mention the caff-fits and growth stunting it's causing in children and pre-teens. It astonishes me how many little kids (some as young as 3 or 4) I've seen walking around with one. It's a result of commercialism running amok.

Who would have thought a "donut shop" would become a symbol of national pride? Disgusting. It just shows how gullible we are to corporate marketing.

Check out

WesternGrit said...

I meant to say I see the kids walking around with "ice capps"... If anything's marketed to kids insideously, it is the ice cap - which appears like a nice summer alternative to milkshakes and ice cream...

Dr Mike said...

Tim`s versus Starbucks

Everyday Joe & Mary Canada versus Spencer & Victoria Downtown TO

Don Cherry versus Bob Rae

Cons versus all those left-winged pinkos

And here I thought Tim`s just sold donuts

Wo`d a thunk it

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Every shareholder meeting I have been at was in a conference room at a hotel ... and I think they all had flags. I never thought it was a big deal.

Brent Fullard said...

Hey Anonymous, that's very authoritative. Can I quote you?

Ooops, can't do that, since you are merely anonymous.

Okay, in the absence of revealing your identity, perhaps you might like to cite one or two of the shareholders' meetings that you've attended where flags were present.

Like I said, I have seen such a hokey and crude thing before, but then I've never been to a Tim Horton's annual meeting.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Tim Hortons a second home for RCMP officers?

I've seen so many cruisers parked there at times, one could surmise it to be their Headquarters...

Hence the flags... ;-)


admin said...

Things that really big me about Tim Horton's

1) They go out of their way to make their restaurants look cheap and "common" and unsophisticated. Even when they move into a nice location in an older neighbourhood, they will paint and install their special plastic looking awnings and lights etc, to make it look.. "as MacDonalds as possible". Even in heritage neighbourhoods, like Main & Broadway, here in Vancouver. Their marketing department seems to think they have to make an extra effort of connecting with the most uncomplicated echelons of the population - "Don't let it look sophisticated! It wil scare them away..."

2) All the idiot patrons who think that they make a patriotic statement ("f*ck Starbucks, I only go to Tim's") Meanwhile this is little more than a crappy doughnut shop, owned by Wendy's!! Nothing canadian about it..

Rotterdam said...

Wendy,s does not "own" Tims.
It has been spun off into a publicly traded company.
If you do not like Tim's, go to Starbucks , enjoy a "Grande".
I will be a Canadian and have mine 2 1/2 cream no sugar.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys your missing the point.
I guess Timmys may further venture once again in The USA.

Failed once in Yankee town try again.
I guess once your a donut shop
your always a Donut shop.

Thats why Timmys would of been a great income trust so these boneheads would stop being boneheads.


Anonymous said...

This is news?

Big sh*t is happening around the world, and Canada has its' head in a donut hole?

Welcome to Stephen Honsi's Canada, eh?

Gene Rayburn said...

"I will be a Canadian and have mine 2 1/2 cream no sugar."

Sure Rotterdam... I on the other hand will get my coffee from a locally owned coffee shop; owned by Canadians and staffed by Canadians. I also like to research where stuff I am going to buy is made and often I have found Canadian manufactured stuff that is competitive with Chinese made junk and far better made.

Now do you want to keep waving your dick in the wind like that Rotterdam? It makes you look like a fool.