Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clown journalist Don Martin finds his courage in the bottle.

Don Martin is forever making references to drinking (including in a recent interview with Jim Flaherty) and being at the local watering hole, which proves to be very revealing of his character and his prime interest. Evidently Don Martin finds his courage in a bottle, which may explain this tirade against his boss (assuming it actually happened), since none of his courage in evident in any of his reporting.

If all of this alleged incident leads to Don's dismissal, then I guess Tom Clark will have the last laugh. Tom Clark being the person who Don Martin replaced after CTV decided they wanted a lap dog to replace Mike Duffy, rather than a real journalist.

Speaking of lap dog, you need only look at the interview that Don Martin had recently with Jim Flaherty, complete with a gift neck ties for Jim Flaherty. How many serious journalists give gifts to their interviewees? That is more derserving of his dismissal than anything, but then we are talking about the Conservative Television (CTV), afterall.

CTV host allegedly tells boss to f--- himself

By David Akin ,Parliamentary Bureau Chief
Toronto Sun
March 31, 2012

CTV appeared to be considering disciplinary action for one of its high-profile Parliament Hill television hosts in the wake of an incident Thursday night at a post-budget party attended by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and other top government and opposition politicians.

Don Martin, the host of Power Play, a political talk show on CTV News Channel, was not on-air Friday as CTV officials spent the day trying to determine what Martin may or not may have said about George Cope, chief executive officer of Bell, the conglomerate that owns CTV.

At the party, held at a restaurant a block from Parliament Hill, Martin is alleged to have engaged in a verbal altercation with Dimitri Soudas, the former director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and now the executive director for communications for the Canadian Olympic Committee. During the course of that altercation, Martin is alleged to have told Soudas that he and Cope could “Go f--- yourselves”. Neither Cope nor his son Blair, who works with Soudas at the Canadian Olympic Committee, were present at the time. But the remark was made in front of some senior government officials, cabinet ministers, and MPs, according to individuals who witnessed the altercation and agreed to provide a description on condition they not be identified.

Some of those present for the altercation believe Martin did not say anything disparaging about Cope. They also say that Martin quickly apologized to Soudas for disparaging comments he allegedly made about him.

Neither Martin nor Robert Fife, CTV’s Ottawa bureau chief and executive producer of Power Play, responded to queries.

Soudas also declined to comment.

CTV’s vice-president and director of communications Scott Henderson declined to comment on Martin’s status.

CTV is part of the 2012 Olympics Canadian broadcast media consortium.


Steve V said...

What a stupid post. Nice baseless character assassination.

Dr Mike said...

I tried to watch Don on Power Play & he was a very poor interviewer at best & he really sucked at his worst.

Tom , please come back...

Dr Mike

PS--- Don was a real Sun News mold-fitter---he was a fine compliment to David "the Menzoid" Menzies , Chucky "I love Don Cherry" Adler & Ezra "that`s ethical to you buddy" Levant.

Brent Fullard said...

No Steve, actually Don Martin is the king of baseless character assassination.

Don Martin, is the same shill journalist who devoted an entire column to slamming me during the midst of the 2008 election (when I ran against Flaherty) for the simple reason that I pressed him to release the Conservatives 200 page internal manifesto (that an MP had given to shill journalist Don Martin, thinking Don would publicize it, rather than suppress it) about how to render Parliament dysfunctional via various means.

None of which, by the way, made it into Don's article slamming me?

That's shill Don's idea of "balanced" journalism. I thought that document had a "degree" of relevance (ie a whole lot of relevance!), given Harper had called a snap election in 2008 after proroguing Parliament on the premise that Parliament was "dysfunctional"! Don refused my repeated requests and decided to keep this document from the public.

Shill journalist Don also had NO interest whatsoever in revealing Harper's patent lies about tax leakage, even though the impact of that fraudulent policy was most felt in Alberta (where 40% of the trusts resided) and even though Don Martin at the time was shilling at the time on behalf of the Calgary Herald. No wonder he drinks! No doubt someone from the CON party will save Don from this tirade incident (be it Flaherty or Laureen Harper of whomever) since shill Don is so useful of a tool for the CON party of Canada, and everything that journalism DOES NOT (in theory at least) stand for.

Steve V said...

Whatever, that doesn't give you any right to make personal accusations like you have, pretty low brow, borish stuff.

Brent Fullard said...


I agree, Don's alleged behaviour is very low brow, borish stuff.

Couldn't agree with you more

Imagine telling your boss to "f--- off" in the middle of a public restaurant? And at a function attended by "Honourable" Members of Parliament and "Honourable" Members of the Prime Minister's own Cabinet?

Has Don no sense of proper decorum? And (at the very least) no sense of who signs his pay check?

How very low brow, borish stuff, indeed!

Time for the shill Don Martin to suck it up as good as he (is very fond) of giving

Anonymous said...


I remember that. In addition, I believe several us wrote him asking him to release what was obviously a newsworthy document. Of course, in doing so that would have really screwed him in terms of getting a Senatorship.

What kind of pathetic journalist wouldn’t release a document like this? Of I know, one that is only a mouth piece for the CONservatives.


Brent Fullard said...


Don's pathetic reply to me was "do your own research". Well, duh you clown, that's what I am doing, but I need the source document to do that properly and you are the only person who has the source document and it was given to you by someone who wanted the contents made public. In the absence of seeing the source document then I am only left to report what others have decided to report on what that document may or may not contain.

What a total bozo for a journalist!

Anonymous said...

Yes , this is the asshole who would grease any pole for his lords and masters, and you were his target.

I listened to him degrade IGGY, for HARPERS purpose, he was supposed to be neutral, like the clown he took over from.

We dont have enough mudders on the ground to screw these types, at least JUSTIN gave that guy a bloody nose


Fred from BC said...

Brent Fullard said...


I agree, Don's alleged behaviour is very low brow, borish stuff.

Couldn't agree with you more

Hey, I see what you did there!

You took Steve's comment about you and twisted it around to make it seem like he was talking about Don Martin. That's hilarious! My little nephew has just learned to appreciate that kind of humor, and uses it as often as he can...

(but then, he's 12 years old)

Brent Fullard said...


"You took Steve's comment about you and twisted it around to make it seem like he was talking about Don Martin."

Yeah, but that's what this posting is all about in the FIRST place isn't it?

Namely, Don Martin and his (insert appropriate adjective here) behaviour in an Ottawa restaurant.

Anonymous said...

It's simple for the media Don's of the world, either provide the facts and provide Canadians balanced journalism
or yes you can f____ yourself !