Friday, April 13, 2012

What does the rest of Canada not understand, that women in Quebec do?

Conservative support among Quebec women plunges to 11%, scrapping long-gun registry a factor

A poll of Quebec voters this week found support for the federal Conservative Party has plunged to only 11 per cent among women voters in the province, and critics of the governing party say it is a direct result of the government’s decisions to scrap the long-gun registry and impose controversial initiatives in other justice and social issues, including the areas it chose to cut in $5.2-billion public service operations.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government put into force last week to dismantle Canada’s long-gun registry. Forum Research pollster Lorne Bozinoff agreed it affected the voting intentions of women in Quebec, but said other factors have also contributed to a trend of lower support levels for the Conservatives among female voters compared to men.

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Dr Mike said...

Figures , doesn`t it......Harper`s support with men is solid , with women, not so much

My wife says that men are the cause of most of our problems from wars to recessions.

The Quebec numbers just confirms her suspicions.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Could it be that some folks are finally catching on to how bad these guys are?