Tuesday, May 12, 2015

my-oh-my Ms May!

This incident only serves to demonstrate, once again, what hypocrites journalists are. Hey guys, let's have an evening of fun and merriment where politicians can let their hair down and crack a few jokes, even some off-colour jokes, BUT STOP, we are journalists and having set a trap, we will exploit it for news advantage should anyone like Elizabeth May dare cross an ill-defined line of decorum that turns on whether we can exploit someone's failed attempt at humour and turn it into manufactured public outrage, or not.
Not much different than when journalist cajole people into having their photographs taken with some goofy prop or pose, the sole purpose of which is to make those same people look like pawns/idiots in the press, something which Elizabeth May clearly is not.
No mention in the news coverage of this non-event of the fact that Harper has never attended one of these events as PM, only as Opposition Leader, and no mention that Harper in real life says outrageous things like the LIberals side with child pornographers, and yet Elizabeth May's use of the F word in the same sentence as Omar Khadr in what was clearly a joke at some journalists' version of the Comedy Club, becomes some litmus test for Elizabeth May's integrity and whatever else it has become in some people's creative minds.
Truly pathetic on the part of those who exploited this for news and political advantage. Talk about a double standard.
The only thing that Elizabeth May said wrong was that instead of saying:
'Omar Khadr, you've got more class than the whole f---ing cabinet, which was clearly a joke, she should have said:
'Omar Khadr, you've got more f---ing class than the whole f---ing cabinet, Harper included", since that would have been the truth, rather than a joke.
Maybe next time? (just kidding).

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Dr Mike said...

It`s obvious that the truth hurts----enter Lisa Raitt

Dr Mike Popovich