Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Canada's closet leader won't participate in election debates!

For the latest news in our gutless leader.

This is no surprise, especially with Elizabeth May as part of the election debate mix!

Back in the 2008 Election, where I ran as the Liberal candidate in the Whitby-Oshawa riding,
Flaherty bailed out of the marquis televised debate on CTV.
The producers of CTV were running cover for Flaherty on their reasons for not holding the debate, saying that a number of candidates declined participating. 
They were right, as that "number" turned out to be  the number 1, as in Flaherty and Flaherty alone. 
Being  on excellent terms with the other candidates (Green and NDP) I was able to quickly reveal this CTV/Flaherty lie for what it was. After I had exposed the lie for what it was, I called the CTV producer back, had her repeat her lie, and then told her it was a total fabrication, as Flaherty was clearly the person behind why the televised debate did not occur.

Welcome to Harper land. When he isn't hiding in closets, he's running from debates. What a leader. NOT

Don't you think it's time Canadians cleaned out the closet and elected a real leader?

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Dr Mike said...

Have the regular debates any way---they can boost up a cardboard copy of the missing PM , fake smile and all

The bonus is that his lips won`t move and we will see a definite upgrade in his personality

Dr Mike Popovich