Sunday, November 4, 2007

Harper condones corruption on strictly partisan terms

Personally I think all politicians that are proven to be corrupt should be subject to the full extent of the law. Brian Mulroney would be a good place to start. Perhaps we could end with Stephen Harper himself. Stephen Harper is nothing, if not intellectually corrupt. He hasn’t made a promise yet, that he hasn’t proven himself willing to break

Evidently Stephen Harper has a different take on this matter of corruption involving Brian Mulroney than I do. His goes along the lines of:

“This is not a route that I want to go down, and I don’t think that if the Liberal Party thought twice about it, it is a power they would want to give me.”

Can you think of a more psychotic response than that? “Not a power they want to give me”.

Hey Stephen, notwithstanding your penchant for attack ads and constant fish or cut bait ultimatums, it’s not the Liberals who give you power. It is the electorate and the laws of our nation. As mistaken as that electorate may have been in the last election, when they gullibly entrusted you with minority office, as distinct from minority power.

Nor is it the Liberal Party or any other party with whom you will negotiate with as to Canadians’ tolerance for corruption and bribery amongst high officials, such as Brian Mulroney.

Whether the Liberals, the NDP, or the Bloc  thinks its “okay” for Brian Mulroney to accept cash payments in private hotel suites in envelopes stuffed with $1000 bills isn’t the point. Nor is your willingness to seemingly horse trade the misdeed of your party’s senior members with the alleged misdeeds of other party’s members. Which, after all is the essence of the Faustian trade you are attempting to broker here. Stephen Harper. Corruption broker and bribery apologist. My, how 20 months of “power’ have changed you.

Canadians have zero tolerance for corruption amongst politicians, political parties, governments or bureaucrats. Remember that’s what got you into office in the first place. Corruption amongst those behind the Sponsorship program was the wind behind your sail in the last election. Apparently things were capable of getting worse, and indeed they did, as now we have the $35 billion income trust betrayal of falsehoods and lies perpetrated and yet never proven with a scintilla of evidence.

Now that you are in office, you are pushing for a new level of tolerance for corruption on the part of Canadians -- arguing for it on the most cynical of partisan terms.

Such arguments are a disgrace to our democracy and the needs of the people. Does corruption in high office simply represent an opportunity for you Mr. Harper, or is it something you are ethically opposed to? Your throne speech continually referred to yours being a “clean” government. Beware of those who preach their own virtues. Meanwhile, this from page one of Stephen Harper’s campaign platform of 2006:

 “We need to replace a culture of entitlement and corruption with a culture of accountability. We need to replace benefits for a privileged few with government for all.”

What could be further from the truth under a Stephen Harper government? We have now learned that he condones corruption. He effortlessly reverses election campaign promises with policies designed to serve the interests of narrow special interests. Stephen Harper is a charlatan. He leads by misleading


Robert Gibbs said...

Harper Doesn't Want Public Inquiry Into Former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

On Wednesday, October 31, 2007, CBC's investigative journalism program, The Fifth Estate, reported new revelations and details about former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and his attempt to cover up the $300,000 in cash he surreptitiously received shortly after his departure from government in the 1990s from the German-born businessman Karlheinz Schreiber.

See webpage link below:

The RCMP had previously investigated for years, but due to legal threats from Mulroney and his lawyers and insufficient information at the time, the investigation was suspended. Mulroney's legal fees ended up being reimbursed by the Canadian taxpayer.

Now, a justified and full public inquiry is being called for, but Harper wants to put a stop to it before it even begins.

Brian Mulroney is involved with the current CONServative regime and is a confidant and adviser to Stephen Harper.

This is yet another clear and astonishing example of Harper's untrustworthiness, unaccountability and lack of ethics.

Dr Mike said...

Even tho Mr Harper wishes it so & even threatens to not "play nice" with the Liberals , this should not & cannot be allowed to go away.

Corruption is corruption --no matter if it is a former Prime Minister--if the allegations can be proven , he must make restitution to the Canadian taxpayers for the over 2 million he was paid out of tax revenues in his lawsuit--any compensation he received for legal fees , court costs , etc , should be returned with interest.

Once that is all said & done , he should be prosecuted legally for his misdeeds in both Canada & the US if need be & subsequently made to pay any penalties incurred.

Faith in the government & the judiscial sysyem cannot be undermined by people in a position of authority--Mr Harper & Mr Mulroney , of all people , should know this.

James said...

It seem that you all up north have your fair share of crooks too.