Monday, November 26, 2007

Like US Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Jack Layton believes in UFO's

Just like US Presidential Democratic Candidate, Dennis Kucinich, Jack Layton believes in UFO’s. However Dennis Kucinich’s case is probably much stronger as he claims to have actually touched a UFO. Jack Layton, meanwhile bases his theory on blind faith. He also claims his party was the first party in Canada to come up with the UFO theory of tax leakage even though it is nothing more than Unidentified Fiscal Obfuscation.

Jack Layton’s UFO theory of Tax Leakage occurs upon entering a fourth dimension of life in which RRRPs and pension funds do not pay taxes on their withdrawals. As comforting as such a thought (and tax regime) may be for Canadian taxpayers saving for retirement, entering this fourth dimension is a very dangerous thing indeed as Jack Layton of all people should realize it creates an enormous hole in the tax revenue collection on the part of Ottawa. Gone will be $16 billion in annual taxes that Ottawa collects from these income sources. These are monies that are collected from yesterday that are used to fund today’s social programs, despite the fact that Jim Flaherty (and evidently Jack Layton) think that today’s social programs are only funded with today’s tax revenues. If that were the case, then Canada would be running a $16 billion annual deficit, and Jack Layton wouldn’t be able to reduce GST to 5% or reduce corporate tax rates by 34% to 15% by 2012. Nor would Jack Layton be in position to split his retirement income with his spouse along with the other 30% of Canadians so privileged, and to the detriment of the 70% of Canadians who don’t get this tax break worth as much as $1,000 per month in reduced taxes.

Obviously Jack Layton is happy to live in this fourth dimension, as he has lots of company. The main god of the fourth dimension is Mark Carney who was the one who first conceived of tax leakage and conjured up the means to manufacture tax leakage. Cult leader Mark Carney was able to convert many disciples that have followed him into this dimension. His first converts were the senior bureaucrats in Finance like Rob Wright, Serge Nadeau and Bob Hamilton. After that the politicians were easy converts to this cult religion. Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty. Diane Ablonczy and Jason Kenney. Seniors Minister and unelected Cabinet Minister Marjory LeBreton was a quick convert. What Marjory lacks in credibility by not being elected are her close ties to Brain Mulroney, as his former Appointments Secretary and her academic studies at Ottawa Business College following high school.

Jack Layton, however proudly proclaims that it is his party that was the first to identify the tax leakage of income trusts. He said so to me in a conversation back in February, I heard the same proud claim from NDP MP Peter Julian in Hamilton on Friday. Many NDP MPs , such as Denise Savoie, are even writing letters to their concerned constituents , stating:

“I have asked Judy Wasylycia-Leis to investigate a number of concerns. I am confident in supporting her position on this matter, that: “I am confident that government estimates of future tax leakage are solid””

So what’s behind that double dose of confidence about the UFO concept of tax leakage on the part of the NDP?

(1) Blind Faith?
(2) Wishful thinking?
(3) Inside information?

The only credible answer would be (3) Inside Information, as all Canadians have received as proof of Mark Carney’s Cult of Tax Leakage is 18 pages of Blacked out documents ( see attached). Although being in possession of inside information on tax leakage would be the most credible explanation for the NDP, it would be the most politically correct answer, as it was the NDP and Judy Wasylycia-Leis who falsely accused Finance Minister Ralph Goodale of leaking information to the market in fall of 2005, when in reality it was Director General of Tax Policy Serge Nadeau who was engaged in insider trading who tipped the market during three hours of trading prior to the announcement.

Meanwhile the blind faith of Jack Layton’s UFO sighting has cost Canadians a loss of $35 billion in their life savings, including a loss of $279,493,840 in asset value by Canadians in the Canada Pension Plan, as of November 21, 2007 ( see attached).

This from a party that professes it believes in transparency and accountability and seniors’ dignity and the financial security for seniors. The NDP’s blind adherence to the Harper government’s draconian and wholly unproven tax policies, make a complete mockery of such claims, on every front. It’s time for the NDP and its new Finance Critic Thomas Mulcair to put a lie to Mark Carney’s fraudulent claim of alleged tax leakage, especially now that the corporate model has been reduced in its tax collection efficiency by 34% and no commensurate change in the double taxation of income trusts.

What was alleged to be a measure to “level the playing field” can no longer be. By definition. No calculator required. Failure on the part of the NDP to do, is just the furtherance of the cult known as Unidentified Fiscal Obfuscation. Far reaching tax policies should not be based on UFO sightings, unless of course, you’re the head of a cult harboring ulterior motives.


Robert Gibbs said...

The other fourth dimension is time, where I see the warped NDP back in history being deposited into a giant black hole by the Canadian electorate realizing their inanity.

Dr Mike said...

"Bewilderment & utter surprise" are two terms that would sum up my reaction to Jack Layton & the NDP in their support of the Tax Fairness Plan.

This is a party that supposedly is people oriented first & big business oriented second , if at all.

Then why would they sacrifice the future well-being of so many to advance the cause of so few--I am sure the likes of Manulife & Power Corp did not need their help.

Blind faith is one thing if it is exhibited within the Conservative party of Canada--we have come to expect no less from the herd of sheep occupying that group in Ottawa.

To see the anti-establishment NDP follow this path is amazing indeed.

The big question is why--they obviously received some assurances from MR Harper in return for their support.

If it was in return for Mr Flaherty`s sad attempt to lower ATM fees , then the 2.5 million Canadians shut-out by the TFP were the only ones to suffer.

Next time Mr Layton open your eyes & do the research--for the leader of a populace party you are a sad excuse.


nineofiveland said...

Well I finally got a response from my MP (PC Cabinet) after pestering her for months on ITs .. and gusess what? .. she is referring my correspondence to the Minister of Finance .. boy I can hardly wait for his answer .. as for the NDP .. Canadians should just put them out of their misery by electing exactly 0 members next time.

Robert Gibbs said...

Jumble Jack, Jabber Judy, Jellyfish Julian and their other New Dodo Party members haven't a clue, especially when it comes to complex issues such as tax and economic matters.

One can take some solace in the fact that only about 10%-15% of the Canadian population are foolish enough to ever vote for the jesters.

The electorate should, however, realize the risk to Canada and treat them as jetsam.

Anonymous said...

Life is a riddle, and in Ottawa the riddle is compounded with deceit. Comparing November 2005 under Goodale and October 2006 under Flaherty, there are a couple or three some puzzling things.

Nadeau is such a small potato. What’s happening with his case, by the way? He had an important position of trust—yes, of course. But Nadeau’s trades were smaller than a pimple on an elephants ass. Who tipped Market Surveillance?

If you look at the trading volumes in September and October 2006 for a few of the larger trusts and a couple of prospective conversions, you see some spikes. How come Judy Wasylycia-Leis did not notice, and drop a line to her good buddies at the RCMP?

This Schreiber Investigation could be a good thing. It might get the House in the mood for a few more investigations.

In 1995, Mulroney got wind of a letter requesting information from the Swiss, and put a pack of lawyers on the trail. Who tipped Mulroney?

Germany has had a warrant out for Schreiber since 1999 when MacKay had Schreiber as a houseguest. How did Schreiber manage to delay extradition for eight years? Okay, so he had a good lawyer. Even so, who was on the other side? Have the reps in Justice managed the extradition case well and truly?