Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thank you

To all the wonderful Halloween parliament participants.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

Without all of you it would not have been possible.

I feel humble that I know all of you wonderful people.

You took the time out of your busy schedules to come to Parliament Hill to say, "You know something here just isn't right and we would like it fixed."

You are not asking for the world, you are not asking for the impossible.

What you were asking for, is this government to prove to us why they crushed our beloved Income Trusts.

Why did they take away this vehicle that help to pay our bills and to live
the rest of our lives in dignity?

You asked that they start a parliamentary review of why they did this to us.

What can we do now?

This is not the end, it is just the beginning.

We must work, determined to bring this lying government to their knees
begging us for forgiveness. That will never happen.

As Jean Marie said "I will never, never, never vote Conservatitive again."

I apologize if I didn't personally thank you for coming.

Your friend,

Dave Marshall


Dr Mike said...

I want to give you an idea what kind of person Dave Marshall is--I phoned him yesterday to thank him on behalf of the trust owners & Canadians from South Western Ontario--his main concern was that he did not do enough to thank all the people involved--that he may have missed someone.

Talk about an unselfish guy--he is trying to carry the weight of the many small investors on his shoulders all the way to Flaherty`s office.

My wife & I met Dave & his wife Lorraine in London a short while back just to put some faces on the people who talk back & forth by email or phone--these were two nice folks--just regular people who were wronged by an uncaring government--at least uncaring as far as the little guy on the street goes--big honchos like Manulife not so much so.

Dave & his wife have become passionate & dedicated to a cause that must be met head on--we cannot let this issue die.

The Conservatives believe , although wrongly so , that any issue will die if enough time passes--I am sure that they thought this would have gone away 6 months ago.

With folks like Dave & Lorraine Marshal on our side we can`t go wrong.

The old story of David & Goliath was never more appropriate than it is today--Goliath was slain once--he can be again.

Stevie , this ones for you!!!!


Proud_to_be_Canadian said...

David Marshall is to be commended, as well as all the participants. Never give up!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave & Lorraine Marshall

Thank you for your Thank You!

However, the person(s) who deserves much of the credit for getting the Oct. 3st visit to Parliament Hill organized are you, your team and your many friends!

Following the Oct. 31st, 2007 trip to Ottawa I am confident you now have many more friends because of your commitment to them to keep the Income Trust issue high profile and to seek a fair resolution to a very unjust piece of tax legislation. This tax has stripped away savings from so many and really hurt the people we should be trying to support … our seniors and investors who in good faith put their monies into Income Trusts to share in the building of various businesses in a cross section of Canadian industries. They were trusting citizens and should have been able to expect and count on more diligence on the part of our legislators before enacting such a damaging tax. It is also good to see that the Gotlieb’s from Chicago have joined in the fight for justice.

We also owe great thanks to the MPs (and their hard working staffs) who stood at your/our side Wed. Oct. 31st, 2007 and told Harper and Flaherty and the Conservative minority Government “what you have done is just not right!” We thank the MPs for their willingness to address this issue and keep fighting for a fair and just resolution, if not some form of restitution. As you and so many have said “this is just the beginning of the campaign for justice on Income Trusts not the end”. I urge our MPs to tell us how we can help them to make the arguments that will win positive and rapid change. What research do they need from us? What person power do they need? Let us know and we will make it happen.

We also owe a debt of thanks to Brent Fullard who I met on the bus from Toronto yesterday for the first time. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the Income Trust issues given his background in banking and finance on Bay St, his professionalism and his diligence in heading up CAITI and getting the message out to support you Dave and and all your friends. Brent Fullard thank you so very much! Keep up the good work.

As you may have seen I gave MPTV an interview yesterday in which I voiced my concerns over this issue and the damage it has done. The words of Dorothy Veimann, Mississauga and Bill Barrowclow, Peterborough also helped to get the message out that the tax penalties are hurting and enraging citizens country wide and people are suffering from their losses.

Dave, Brent and our MPs keep up the fight!

With Best Regards,


nineofiveland said...

Thanks to all those who went to Ottawa from those of us unable to make it.

A great video of Brent and solid press release .. I'm sending it far and wide!