Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flaherty is the deadbeat dad of the orphan known as HST

Having ushered this absurd HST tax into this world.......Flaherty is now denying his clear parentage. Maybe an HST DNA test is in order?

Jim Flaherty clams up on new harmonized sales tax

Sep 16, 2009 04:30 AM
Bruce Campion-Smith
Robert Benzie
Toronto Star

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and fellow Conservatives are distancing themselves from the harmonized sales tax as public angst grows over the price hikes it will mean on everything from fast food to funerals.

The issue is also causing a headache for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, after he publicly denounced the "Harper Sales Tax" yet gave private assurances to Premier Dalton McGuinty that a federal Liberal government would keep the harmonized sales tax.

The harmonized sales tax (HST) will blend the 8 per cent provincial sales tax and the 5 per cent federal goods and services tax. As of next July 1, Ontarians will pay a blended tax of 13 per cent on hundreds of items that had previously been subject to only the 5 per cent GST.

Once an advocate of the tax scheme, Flaherty was washing his hands of it this week as NDP MPs went after the government for "foisting" higher taxes on residents in Ontario and B.C., the two latest provinces to join the plan.

Flaherty downplayed Ottawa's role and said the decision to meld the taxes was up to the provinces. In the past, Flaherty has publicly pushed provinces to harmonize their sales taxes with Ottawa's, calling the two-tier tax system a "direct burden" on businesses.

In March, he praised Ontario, saying the move would save business about $500 million in administrative costs, and noted that, in a few years, "hopefully we will have a harmonized system across Canada."

But federal Conservative sources have told the Star that earlier in the summer, officials in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office ordered Flaherty to tone it down.

"They asked Jim to stop talking about (the tax) so much because it's not helpful," said one insider.

Ignatieff came out swinging against the Tories' support of the harmonized tax earlier this month.

Yet yesterday, McGuinty said he had been assured of Ignatieff's support. "We have secured Mr. Ignatieff's commitment to moving ahead with the single sales tax should he earn the privilege of serving Canadians in government."


Dr Mike said...

Flaherty has been bleating like a broken lamb about this tax for the past many months , so what gives here.

Sure he is best buds with big business as all of us income trusters found out in 2006 so we could expect him to push this turkey on the unsuspecting citizens of this country.

I can see where the benefit is for big business & the provinces as one saves huge bucks & the other collects big bucks.

But where does that leave us , how do we benefit.

Supposedly there will be savings to industry which will be passed on to the consumer--if you hold your breath on that on , I am afraid the color of blue you turn will not be very photogenic.

There are supposed to be jobs galore--well maybe , this new economy will curtail those I am sure.

My big question becomes what does that Flaherty guy get out of this as he passes billions to the provinces as this has to be recouped somehow.

Now I hear the Federal (or feral) Liberals are supporting this tax but under cover of denial.

I get a sinking feeling in my wallet every time these politicians open their mouths any more.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Gee, Jimbo and Stevo being duplicitous, shocking!


Anonymous said...

Didn't Jim conceive the idea of this tax?
Doesn't really matter, as Income Trust investors we all know he can't count or be trusted to do something worthwhile for members of the general public. I do agree Dr. Mike's question "how is Flaherty personally benefiting from the new tax?" is worth asking.

Hmm not surprising Iggy did the 2 faced "The Federal Liberals don't support this tax" simply to humour irate Ontario residents. And of course with Dalton and provincial politicians "We will support you".
What is not printed and should be "The federal Liberals need someone who can take the fall on HST. McGuinty is already hated and only got into office the second time due to the religious school issue. So he is the perfect politician to implement this draconian tax."

... Interesting how there is no mention of B.C.'s harmonized tax and how their provincial Liberal leader has been equally sneaky about shoving HST down their throats too. It is my understanding B.C. residents have been just as pissed about this issue.
What does Iggy have to say about their HST? Identical issue in both provinces - Provincial Liberals shoving CON federal policy down the throats of B.C. and Ontario residents.