Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Federal Liberals still begging for hand-outs without doing anything to deserve them


Anonymous said...

So... by amending the image to read "No" instead of "Yes" you intend to declare that we shouldn't put Canada and Canadians first?

If you don't want to donate that's fine, and if you want to send in a protest message along with the slip that's fine too but at least do so smartly for cryin' out loud.

Dr Mike said...

I love the response--short & to the point.

When is the last time any of these parties did any more than pay lip service to the rest of us.

It is them first , us last or not at all.

The Libs appear to be an improvement over the Cons but how do we know for sure as no one knows what they stand for.

By the time they show the "policy" it may be too late.

How do they expect to deliver on donations if they do not have a clear-cut idea that has been presented to the public.

With most people it is easier to stay with the devil you know as opposed to the unknown.

I was a Con for 36 years & after the Income trust betrayal I will never vote for them again.

It is up to the Liberals to show us what they have in order to draw us into the fold financially.

Dr Mike Popovich

Bruce Benson said...

I did my little bit too by sending in my protest letter. No policy, no money. Simple. I am still waiting for the Liberals to get off their asses and do something besides sit in the forest and tell us how great they are. Oh! Yes they will do better than the CON's. Sure! Pure fluff. Their policy seems to be one of engineering their own extinction.

Anonymous said...

Good points. Demand policy first. I think we Canadians need to stand up for ourselves more. We have all become so apathetic.

I always vote Liberal. But as of right now, I haven't heard one thing from Liberals telling me they would do much to improve things for Canadians beyond EI. And there is so much more than EI to worry about. For example, healthcare.

I know Martin slayed the deficit. Good for him and us. However, he did it on the back of healthcare, denying citizens care and upgrading long term care homes etc. etc. etc. I'm fed up. If they are stupid enough to force an election, they better talk about healthcare and make that the number one priority or forget it. I just won't vote. And I know a lot of fellow Canadians feel the same.

Dr Mike said...

Right on about the healthcare--great point.

Firing-up those Maple reactors are no small part of it.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Bruce Benson:

Speaking of assholes...this from today’s National Post:

“The first Question Period of the new parliamentary session suggested one disgruntled Grit had a point when he complained recently that the party's current leadership "couldn't find their ass with two hands and a flashlight."

Anonymous said...

The only thing the Liberals are doing right is making the New Dopey Party prop up the Gov't. I saw a Iggy ad last night, I think he was in the forest. NOT IMPRESSED, might have been done by Dion's cameraman.


Anonymous said...

"Victory Fund' ? Who's 'victory' would that be? Certainly not mine or the thousands of other's who lost most of their investment savings almost 3 years ago based on the IT tax betrayal and ensuing lies!
I too have received numerous mail and phone requests for handouts by those same Libs who totally ignore all correspondence pertaining to the taxation of income trusts. I don't need anymore lies coated as 'promises'!

My 'File 13' is getting rather full of late!


Anonymous said...

I have stopped any donations as well. If they can't give me a direct answer to my questions on Income Trusts they don't get any of my money. They most likley will get my vote by default because I will strategically vote to oust Harper, It's my usual voting methodology...vote out the current scum bag in hope of better.