Thursday, September 24, 2009

A reader asks: "Andy Willis: Are you out of your mind?"

Below is a reader’s response that I was copied on to Andy Willis’ comment in the Globe today that: “Courtesy of Nortel Networks, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is beginning to forge an industrial policy that stands in stark contrast to the Conservative's hands-off approach to business.

The reader writes:

Andrew, in the Globe this morning you describe a government that through the double taxation of Income Trusts caused investor losses in excess of $35bn, triggered a tidal wave of foreign takeovers of Income Trusts, a change in ownership that threatens both the Canadian tax base and our security in energy and raw materials, and is forcing trusts to go through an expensive, time consuming conversion back to corporations, as having a "hands off approach to business"? Are you out of your mind!? Harper is the most duplicitous, conniving idealogue we've ever had as PM. I guess he controls the Globe too.



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Dr Mike said...

OMG---hands-off approach , eh.

His hands-off approach cost me plenty---a plenty that was my retirement savings.

His so-called hands-off approach was his promise not to tax trusts causing many to invest.

His not-so-hands-off approach was the breaking of that promise which was a killer to many small investors who were relying on the income.

His hands-off approach caused the shift of capital from the trust market to corporate Canada--no small feat as he killed one market to enhance another.

This was the biggest shift of capital in Canadian history.

Now Flaherty has pushed provinces such as Ontario & BC to go the HST route which will be another shift of cash to corporate Canada by way of the taxpayers wallets---once again billions.

If Harper & his sidekick Flaherty were any more hands-off we would all be broke.

Conclusion , Andy Willis must be out of his mind or just a Con mouthpiece.

Dr Mike