Monday, July 19, 2010

Canadians have been living with a snake oil salesman for four years

The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 19, 2010)

Re: Editorial cartoon (July 13)

It was rich comparing Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's tour with old-time hucksters.

Over the last four and half years, the people of Canada have been given promises and assurances by the current Prime Minister before each election.

January 2006 -- "Vote for me ... I won't tax income trusts." Within eight months of being sworn in, the Conservative government reversed its course and taxed income trusts.

September 2008 -- "Vote for me ... the only way there will be a deficit is if a Liberal government is elected." Within two months of being sworn in, the Conservatives were predicting a deficit.

"Vote for me ... if you want a transparent and accountable government." Twice, the Prime Minister has prorogued parliament and avoided answering to the majority demand of the House of Commons to provide information on Afghanistan. Two months after an "agreement" was made between all parties, not a single credible document has been handed over.

I agree we should be wary of hucksters. We have been living with a snake oil salesman for the last four years.

Nick Houston


Dr Mike said...

Right-on the money Nick.

So why is this guy still in power??

Why are Canadians still putting-up with all the Harper BS & blacked-out documents??

How come Canadians let a couple month prorogation just slide by the way without any damage to the Harper brand??

Why was there no repercussions from the 1.5 billion bucks spent on a virtually useless summit that supplied $4 shrimp to a few of the Harper`s closest friends??

A lame-ass opposition that is so afraid of it`s own shadow (& an election) that it has become paralyzed , that is why.

Sad but true at a time when we can least afford it.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Harper is not a friendly guy so he can't sit around with his MP's and laugh and laugh and laugh about the dumb Canadians who put him into power. Canada has a enormous deficit but our beloved leader has decided the way to go is to buy a bunch of new aircraft for Canada. After all, we must be prepared for an armed invasion. I am sure the Americans are plotting day and nigh to take us over. After all they are fighting two wars and another one would add to the excitement. We Canadians must have sinned a great deal to be punished so cruelly. Can anybody think of Harper as anything but punishment visited on Canada. Maybe if we get lucky and he calls an election, we can turf him out of office!