Monday, July 26, 2010

Mental midget weighs in on census fiasco

"Ask Canadians to fill out a long census form for the good of the country and they'll rush to grab their blue or black ballpoint pens — at least that's how Finance Minister Jim Flaherty sees it." (Globe and Mail)

Meanwhile we also learn from the Globe and Mail that:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided at the end of December to scrap the mandatory long-form census despite being told by Statistics Canada officials that important data would likely be lost or impaired as a result."


Anonymous said...

And the gutless bastard didn't even include it in the Throne Speech.

Dr Mike said...

Who would you rather believe in this case , Mr Flaherty who screwed the trust investor by twisting the facts or our former chief statistician whose job it was to supply the data.

As former Mike Harris cabinet ministers , both Flaherty & Clement were fans of the census , so their original opposition to the Harper Reform position is not surprising.

It`s just too bad they are not "man enough" to say so.

It`s all about control & Harper has these clowns on a short leash.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

That bastard of a Harper using his Libertarian mind to cut 4 programs out of Stats Canada..We do not need an election we need to show them our displeasure, soon..they are wrecking our Country!

gingercat said...

Loved your title of this post. Apt description of him.Made me giggle. Thanks.

Fred from BC said...

Loved your title of this post. Apt description of him.Made me giggle. Thanks.

Made me laugh, too. At Brent.

(and you, too)

A hint: if you want people to take you seriously (and given the amount of time you've been at this and the number of posts you've made, I'm assuming that you'd like to be listened to), this kind of juvenile name-calling won't help your case, sorry. You come off looking both childish and desperate...not exactly what you were going for, is it?

Dr Mike said...

Fred from BC

Say Fred , maybe you can tell us all what was on the 18 blacked-out pages that Flaherty supplied as proof of trust tax leakage & therefore his reason for taxing trusts.

You supply that info & then , & only then , can you condemn any of us for calling Flaherty a "mental midget".

You are lucky that is all we call him.

If we could of dragged this guy & his gov`t into court on this matter , then you would have seen who the real villain here is & it sure isn`t Brent.

It has become all too common in this country to let the gov`t run roughshod over it`s people.

Thank God for guys like all those involved in the income trust tax resistance who believe standing-up for their rights is the Canadian thing to do---most would have folded like a cheap suit.

You Fred , appear to be in this category.

Dr Mike Popovich __ Rodney Ont

Brent Fullard said...

Fred from BC:

The argument being put forward by Jim Flaherty in defense of dropping the mandatory long form census IS the argument of a mental midget.

Don't blame me for Flaherty's inability to grasp simple concepts such as the importance of "randomness" when sampling a population or the concept of "deferred taxes" when calculating tax leakage versus no tax leakage.

"Mental midget" is giving Flaherty more credit than his actions and mental capacities are deserving of.

kursk said...

..yet Flaherty is smart enough to hold the portfolio of finance minister in a country that is a leading light of the G8, while some of you are posting ad hominem screeds on a blog of no consequence.

Life is just so damn unfair, no?

Anonymous said...

Mental midget ... good one for this latest. The idea of removing the long version of the census is too much stupidity to discuss. Pathetic that discussion about the validity of the long version of the Census is actually being debated.

Sadly the only people really laughing Chinese over Canadian stupidity these days must be the Chinese.

Just found this article about ARC / Storm and some comments about the natural gas industry in Canada ... interesting enough article for income trust investors -

Brent Fullard said...

Re: "leading light of the G8"

There's a kool-aid argument if there every was one. LOL.

If Canada truly were the "leading light of the G8", as you claim, then I wonder how many other of the G8 countries will defy all logic and abandon real science and opt for a voluntary census system when gathering essential information about their countries? I suspect the answer will be ZERO, or are you predicting a race to the bottom amongst the G8?

As for your argument that Flaherty's qualifications to be Finance Minister revolve around the fact that Flaherty is the Finance Minister: This is a nonsense circular argument. Furthermore, the simple reality is that Flaherty was selected from a shallow gene pool of some 120 members of the CONservative caucus. Flaherty has no qualifications to be Finance Minister apart from his short and failed stint as Ontario's Finance Minister and his career as a ambulance chasing insurance litigator.

Dr Mike said...


The only thing Flaherty was smart enough to do was hide his incompetence behind 18 blacked-out pages of so-called proof of trust tax leakage.

Any idiot can hide behind a screen.

Even me.

Dr Mike Popovich

Ps--speaking of hiding , what kind of name is kursk anyway??-- family name or first name

Anonymous said...

This is a manufactured crisses like the Income trust decision
a fraud , flawed decision to create a fear.

How this Harper/Flaherty/Clement puke team get away with this
is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Mental Midgets ... have the NDP even caught up to this one yet? Or as usual are they taking orders from the CONs and making the usual excuses for supporting bad policy. In retrospect the whole ON - NDP anti HST campaign was simply to get names on their mailing list.

FYI - did anyone know Ken Lewenza,and Dalton McGuinty are golfing buddies?

Not sure what courses but I do know nobody in the CAW wants that leaked. Ha! Ha!

This forum is awesome.

Dr Mike said...

Ken & uncle Dalt golf buddies???

Wonder if they could use an old retired nearly broke doc in their foursome??

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...


Tell Ken and Dalton I am golfing
1000 Islands this weekend.
Great course but most of all
I love to give them a 1000 reasons
why they are frauds !

1000 lies Dalton !

Dr Mike said...

Thousand Islands??

Great course.

Maybe you could use an old retired nearly broke doc in YOUR foursome.

Dr Mike Popovch

Bruce Benson said...

The CON Party has a new stamp ... "Mental Midgets R Us"

Dare I say, No exceptions!

Anonymous said...

Yeah golf is a pretty powerful game - not so much for the sport itself but for all the business transactions that are done on the course and trading info learned in the club house. (i.e. The Petro Canada / Suncor acquisition was determined during a round of golf)

Anyhow getting back to this Lewenza - McGuinty connection ... Buzz started making CAW Union connections with the Liberal Party second last time Paul Martin ran. There was resistance from the CAW ... the old guard = the historical links with the NDP. Those that sided with the Liberal stance were rewarded with jobs and promotions in the national. Those who disobeyed and continued to support the NDP were demoted or silenced in various ways (i.e. passed over for promotions, sent back to various locals for lower profile jobs.) FYI - those NDP'ers have their designer homes and Roche Bobois furnishings to comfort them. All paid for through their CAW salaries. Hmm who funds the CAW? (LOL) - UNION DUES.

Obviously Lewenza has been playing a balancing act for the last few years and we now know why he was picked to replace Buzz. He knows how to play the game of "golf" and who to pick as a "golfing buddy".

As for any NDP'ers in "tradionally" Union ridings who lost in the last federal election most likely to a CON ... Could it be those losses are a direct reflection on how the CAW treats their membership? Some of us do not appreciate the lavish Roche Bobois lifestyles of CAW employees thrown in our faces and paid for by Union dues.

Pass the meow mix, please. After this b.s with income trusts, HST, Smart Meter and seeing too much paid in union dues, this household of kitty cats have no choice but to play on cheap, third rate, public courses.

Fred from BC said...

Dr Mike said...

Fred from BC

Say Fred , maybe you can tell us all what was on the 18 blacked-out pages that Flaherty supplied as proof of trust tax leakage & therefore his reason for taxing trusts.

You supply that info & then , & only then , can you condemn any of us for calling Flaherty a "mental midget".

I should go out of my way to supply you information or you won't allow me to continue laughing at you? You're the gift that keeps on giving, Mike...:)

Here's a good rule of thumb for all you investors out there: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Dr Mike said...

Hey Fred , you can laugh all you want if it makes you feel better about yourself.

The skies the limit.

I am curious , why are guys like you afraid to give out their real names.

Perhaps you are just a paper tiger without substance working out of the PMO.

Perhaps not.

Without giving us you name , how can any of us take you seriously anyway.

Dr Mike Popovich---Rodney Ont

PS---Why do you think income trusts were too good to be true---they were a truly Canadian investment , for Canadians , keeping ownership in Canada.

Brent Fullard said...

Fred from BC said:

"Here's a good rule of thumb for all you investors out there: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is."

Fred: Does your sage advice also include Stephen Harper's solemn promise (in writing no less) during the 2006 election of:

"A Conservative government will NEVER tax income trusts?"

Anonymous said...

Fred from BC,

I agree with your saying that "if it looks to good to be true ...". It rates right up there with "Only a fool would beleive a policician ..."

In this case, we know that Harper and Flaherty are absolute liars. I can handle that I guess but when they cause tax leakage in the order of billions per year, I can't understand why fools want to laugh about it.