Monday, July 19, 2010

Is Harper also planning on making jury duty optional?

Or hey, how about filing tax returns?

Both of these state mandated activities are presently mandatory and should obviously be an affront to Harper's new found libertarianism, no different than Harper's opposition to asking 20% of Canadians to complete a long form census every decade?

How representative of society would juries be if they weren't selected from a broad cross section of Canadians? What bias would be introduced if members of juries were only comprised of Canadians who opted to participate? The same can be asked about the census. What bias will be introduced if the Canadian census was only comprised of Canadians who opted to participate?

Answer: Ottawa’s census move: “gobsmacking jackassery”


Dr Mike said...

Is anyone else getting tired of all this crap or is it just me.

Everything that politicians do is based upon party line.

Easy peasy solution , get rid of the parties.

Have a slate of "non-partied" candidates running in any given riding , elect one --- send to Ottawa where they actually represent the constituents --- Have them pick a cabinet & a PM who are responsible to the MPs ---they can get rid of the cabinet members & the PM if they do not do their job just as we would be able to recall our MPs that we elect if they turn out to be a load o crap.

New election every 4 years.

Vote by computer , saving huge bucks.

Dr Mike Popovich

PS---it is the party system that is the source of our trouble & without a party structure , corruption of the whole group would be that much more difficult .

End result = no trust tax.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and prison 'duty' may become mandatory... gotta fill those new detention centers!


Brent Fullard said...


Harper’s only idea of proper “duty” is for Canadians to serve in the military.

Filling out a long form census is far beyond the call of duty.


Anonymous said...

More ways to control our information ... if politicians don't like the data, once the census is gone, they can make it up. Decisions can now be made based on what politicians and media think Canadian data should or would like it to be.