Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CFRA’s John Budden interviews Brent Fullard on foreign takeover of Potash

Click here to listen to broadcast of August 17, 2010.


Dr Mike said...

Well done Brent!!

The unfortunate thing is that working with politicians is like working with a nest of bees , you don`t know which one of them will sting you next.

Just can`t trust em.

Dr Mike Popovich

PS--it`s about time we instituted a "recall" system here in Canada -- either that or we nail their hides with a fine of 10% (of their gross salary) every time they break a promise.

If so , most of these clowns would be broke.

Anonymous said...

Well Done Brent, after this interview, the Harper/Flaherty
clan are well done to leave.

thank you Mr Budden as you said
lets re-open this box and throw out the whole bunch of them !!


Anonymous said...

Excellent Brent!!

And thank you Mr Budden for being one of the very few in the media with any ability to see how critical this issue is to Canada's economic well being.

I really like the parting commen. The Liberals haven't done jack shit about this issue either.


Anonymous said...

YIKES! Just read Vale might be a contender for this takeover.

Forget about the Chinese. Canadians need to wake up to the evils of Brazilian ownership in this country. Anyone who has had dealings with Votorantim Cimentos, St. Mary's Cement (taken over 2001), Gerdau Ameristeel and of course Vale (INCO) can attest to damage caused in communities.

I.e. St. Mary's has been making a sport out of protesting their MPAC assessments. See Ontario Legislature presentation by Mayor Abernathy and John O'Toole November 6, 2008.

All the good tech jobs have been sent to Brazil ... That info might be handy for residents in Flamborough, Hamilton, Burlington who are fighting VC/St. Mary's quarry application. The company is trying to get around environmental laws by lying about employment benefits in the local economy ... also costing citizens a shit load in court fees to fight them (
See ON legislature Aug. 3. 2010 St. Mary's presentation ... interesting the 20 week / 5 month strike in Bowmanville was never mentioned during the company's presentation about quality employment they offer ... they succeeded in stealing pensions for 2012 and a bunch of other crap.

The limestone extraction tax reduction by the Ontario Government in 2008 supported by all 3 political parties. Limestone is a limited resource. Every single cement company in this country is private and currently benefiting from stimulus money. Why was tax on a limited resource reduced for the benefit of private foreign companies at the expense of ON tax payers? No articles on that subject of course ...

Gerdau had the City of Cambridge's longest strike in 2009.

Vale ... enough said.

Why does Ontario have a Tax Treaty with Brazil?

Why does Canada have a trade agreement with Brazil, established in 1984?

Based on reading about those 2 tax trade agreements it appears the Brazillians are getting the benefits of NAFTA and using Canada to bypass NAFTA and for access to USA markets. How Brazilliant of them!

And for good measure ... the majority of Ford cars (Focus, etc.) are now made in a state of the art facility located in Brazil.

Canadians need to smarten up and stop giving away resources to foreigners. No advantages to anyone of any age long term.