Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don Martin clues into Harper's Lie. Conceal. Fabricate

Don Martin of the Calgary Herald writes in today's paper about Harper's firing of RCMP Chief Supt. Marty Cheliak (head of the Canadian Firearms Program) as:

"There are poor excuses, bad rationalizations, feeble fabrications or, when all else fails to justify inexplicable behaviour, pathetic lies."

This is what we have been saying now about Harper since that fateful Halloween of 2006, when Harper reneged on his income trust promise, using his lie about tax leakage and a host of other fabrications as his rationale.

It has taken the press about four years to catch up with us, and catch up with reality.

We had billboards and bus shelter ads across the country with pictures of Harper and the statement Lie Conceal Fabricate, long before the press jumped on our band wagon.

Good to see they are catching up. Any chance they will uncover Harper's utter falsehoods about income trusts that caused Canadians to lose $35 billion of their life savings and ushered in a wave of foreign takeovers that created REAL TAX LEAKAGE of over $1 billion a year that never existed before?

Over to you Don Martin as you work for the Calgary Herald and the oil patch was one of the hardest hit from Harper's insane income trust tax.


Dr Mike said...

Holy damnation , if these media types had just listened to all of us in CAITI as we were blowing the whistle on the Harper gov`t from near day one , what might have been.

We saw them up close & personal for what they were as they decimated our futures & tore us apart.

Four long years we have yapped-on about the dangers ahead & no one listened.

The big question now is , might it be too late to undo the damage??

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Where are the Conservative apologists now? All those media types that thought it was alright to give Canadians 18 blacked out pages as justification for stealing $35 billion of Canadian’s wealth? What does it take to warn you that democracy is at risk?

Thank you Diane Francis for being the only person in major media to see these clowns for what they are.

Now if only Canadian voters will wake up.

Anonymous said...

Harper is slowly creeping into a dictator at its worst, and now I read he might want o do away with the head o CRTC, in order to get the new 'Fox north' so hat it gets its number one license that was refused..just how far can he go , and more brainwashed people are agreeing with is driving me to wonder what to do with him, before he becomes almost as bad as Hitler.

Anonymous said...

When Goldman-Sachs objected to Income Trusts because they were not being traded as other securities.....instead, purchased and held for income......they got their connections in Ottawa to have them cancelled. After all G-S is more important than Canadian citizens. Why don't we get rid of the Conservatives before 2011 and rescind this order. Good returns for Canadian citizens (mainly seniors) and screw Goldman-Sachs

Anonymous said...

You mean Don Martin will finally give up his alter-ego email address



Hell has finally frozen over.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Canadian journalists are slow-witted. Their problem is a certain lack of moral fiber for honesty. The condition is called "Willingness to tell lies that the Editor wants told."

The Canadian public, on the other hand, is slow-witted. People don't understand that when a government tells lies and obscures the truth to bugger a small group of citizens. it's time for all citizens to accept that their time will come.

What should Canadians do about that? Buy crouch-less panties, maybe?

Anonymous said...

It is safe for the media to discover the lies now that only a few twitching Trust bodies are left, awaiting the last rites at yearend. Corporate lobbyists don't care when opposition is weak, and after their work is done and irreversible.

The people remain oblivious.

Brent Fullard said...



How very brave (NOT!) for Don Martin to speak some semblance of the truth, long after it matters.


Anonymous said...


Don Martin has never said nice things about you!!

But maybe he is on the road to Damascus....................


Brent Fullard said...


You remember!

Don Martin, child like, got ticked off at me when I wouldn’t accept no as an answer when I asked him for his copy of Harper’s 200 page dirty tricks manual. Don had the only copy in public hands and obviously wanted to keep it that way. Strange attitude for a reporter. I thought their job was to uncover facts that are unflattering of governments, rather than bury the facts?


Anonymous said...

I have to go on record once and for all to say thank you thank you for hammering away at this. We are seniors who are always struggling to keep on top of expenses thanks to the hit on the income trust. It doesn't take much to turn moderately comfortable into not quite enough. This sociopathic Harper is running amok and a country of reasonably nice and intellectually lazy Canadians is allowing him to do so. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Well when you consider the qulaity and integrety of the "reporters" at the National Port. It's hard to take anything they say seriously.

Just look at the record on Dons' boss Terrance Cororan.

Not that I’m defending the bank of Canada but it looks like some one else has caught Cororan being the stooge. In fact, the National Post had to print corrections here:

Do you think we can get the National Post to print corrections about Cororan’s income trust errors? Cororan’s never been known to let the facts get in the way of a good opinion.


Re: Terence Corcoran's column, The High Cost of Bank Regulation, Aug. 10

Terence Corcoran's column in Thursday's newspaper contained factual errors and misrepresentations regarding the Bank of Canada's report on the macroeconomic impact on Canada of strengthened bank capital and liquidity standards.

It is surprising that the Financial Post chose to publish such an error-laden column. Financial Post reporters were among many journalists who attended a Bank of Canada briefing to ensure that they understood the report.

The fact that Mr. Corcoran chose not to attend that briefing, nor to contact the Bank with questions, does not absolve him of the responsibility to ensure accuracy.

The two Financial Post reporters who co-wrote a separate news story got it right.

It is a shame that their editor did not.

Brigid Janssen, chief of Communications, Bank of Canada

Read more:

Bruce Benson said...

I guess the Conservative stench was just too much for the great Don Martin and he couldn't hold his nose any longer. Too bad it's too late because it is democracy and us Trust Investors who are being are washed down the sewers. This is the last stage of the CON's plan where any opposition is destroyed. Individual rights are crushed for the enjoyment corporate elite.

Anonymous said...


There goes Don's chance of being a Senator.