Monday, November 29, 2010

Flaherty's policy makes Canada "the last place to invest"!

Two recent examples of the absurdity of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s trust policy that is diverting much needed investment dollars OUT of CANADA and into foreign investment, making Canada “the last place to invest”?

Eagle Energy Trust flies using new structure

CTV News
November 24, 2010

For the first time in more than four years, a new trust has launched on Canadian markets with a novel corporate structure that its founders believe can serve as a fresh template for the oil and gas sector.

Eagle Energy Trust has been created to take advantage of an exception in the new rules for trusts that allows them to avoid punitive taxes by holding only foreign assets.


OPTrust, partners create landmark REIT

Boyd Erman
Globe and Mail
Nov. 29, 2010 1

Canada’s OPTrust Private Markets Group, the pension arm of the big Ontario pension fund, is teaming up with four giant partners to create a first-of-its-kind real estate investment trust that will invest in U.S. power infrastructure.



Dr Mike said...

Sweet Mother of God , where are the freaking opposition Liberals on this.

It is like they have died & gone to Conservative-land on us.


Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Holy shish Flawherty

" A country of coupon clippers "
was such a dumb statement by you

But this Eagle trust takes the cake.

Your Fraud income trust decision was just that a fraud.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight --- does this article mean it is fine for the Gov' and private investors to buy income trusts and "tax leakage" is no longer a problem?
BUT regular retail investor Canadians with no fat gov't pension plan can not get this investment product?

Hmm why do I suspect I will not like the answers to my questions ...