Saturday, November 13, 2010

This would be perfect for the remake of Dr. Strangelove

Too bad they aren't making a sequel to the movie Dr. Strangelove. This would be perfect


Dr Mike said...

$100,000 for a particle board table??

I would have got my buddies together , supplied real plywood , built the damn thing , slapped on a coat of paint (again supplied by us) , set it up wherever they wanted for a mere $13,423.45 & that is with a $2189.46 profit.

What kind if "numbnuts" are running the show up there in Ottawa for God`s sake.

Dr Mike

PD---if we did it under the "table" , we could have saved the HST as well.

That reminds me , I wonder if the HST was ever charged??

Anonymous said...

The G20 IS the sequel to Dr. Strangelove!

Didn't you know? said...

That's perfect. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

There is the World in the middle and the sitting leaches sinking it !! $$