Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Canadians must trust" Stephen Harper in emails to trust investors November 21, 2006

Canada hits bottom on freedom-of-information ranking, new study finds

By: The Canadian Press
January 9, 2011

OTTAWA - A new study ranks Canada dead last when it comes to freedom of information.

Published research by a pair of British academics looking at how well freedom-of-information laws operate in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Great Britain and Canada — all of them parliamentary democracies — judged Canada the least open.

New Zealand topped the list, and Canada brought up the rear because its legislation is ineffective and archaic.

The findings published in the journal Government Information Quarterly echo a similar Canadian study from 1998 that showed Canada performs poorly when compared with freedom-of-information laws around the globe.

Critics say the findings are not a surprise, pointing to growing delays in responses to information requests from the public.

And they say it marks a reversal from a decade ago, when Canada was seen as a global leader in freedom of information.


Dr Mike said...

My guess would be that the major slide started in 2006 when the "New" Conservative gov`t came to power.

As King Stephen said when he took power "You won`t recognize Canada when I get thru with it".

He wasn`t kidding.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

18 pages of blacked out bullshit will do that to ya...

Stevie-poo was right; I don't recognize this Kanada anymore.


Anonymous said...
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Brent Fullard said...

FYI: The deleted comment was to correct a double posting by "m" of what was posted by "m" at 12:30

Brent Fullard said...

The other book end to Harper’s “Canadians must trust” and to the 18 pages of blacked out document as Harper’s so called “proof” of tax leakage, was his gutting of the Census by rendering it statistically invalid by virtue of no longer being mandatory.

Why have facts when you can have dogma? The press are cleerly incapable of making the distinction and as happy to report on one as they are the other.

Meanwhile where are the Liberals on this income trust FRAUD?

Dr Mike said...

I have to toss out a lone kudo to Elizabeth May & the Green , they have been consistently in opposition to the trust tax from the start.

They never let the CEOs of this country & a would-be Bank of Canada governor get in the way of the facts.

Well-done Elizabeth.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

So here we are in 2011. Let's have some accounting and accountability, eh?

Okay Jim Flaherty, Finance Minister, are you counting your corporate beans? How much new corporate income tax is being garnered by the conversion of trusts to corporations or by the double-taxation of retirement savings?

Whadda ya got for numbers, Jim?

But that's not all you need to do. You also need to do numbers for (a) personal income tax revenue losses because of income trust takeovers by foreign corporations and (b) because of the the kickback.

The kickback, Jim, is what you never explained to your financial newsboys: (b) how much dividend tax credit will you have to give back to Canadian investors for tax year 2011?

Tell Canadians the whole truth. Your "lost corporate income tax revenue" was pure myth. Full cost accounting and full disclosure would show that you told less than the truth, Jim.

By the way Jim, did you hear the other day an MP in Britain was sentenced to jail for lying. We should try that idea in Canada, eh Jim?