Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why it makes sense for Liberals to attack Jim Flaherty

Globe and Mail Article of the same title here

My posted comment here:

Scott Brison failed to mention the $35 billion of Canadians' retirement savings that Jim Flaherty destroyed with his income trust tax that was predicated on the complete hoax argument of "tax leakage". The only tax leakage from income trusts was the one created by Jim Flaherty himself from the wave of takeovers of vulnerable and devalued trusts by foreigners who pay NO taxes, like the $5 billion takeover of Prime West Energy trust by Abu Dhabi Energy, to name but one of the 45 takeovers. Flaherty is inept and incompetent in the extreme, not to mention completely lacking in integrity.


Dr Mike said...

Jim Flaherty is the consummate "Teflon Man" , nothing nasty seems to stick to the guy.

He nearly ruined Ontario when he drove the Harris years into a 5.6 billion dollar deficit touted as a 1 billion dollar surplus.

He nearly collapsed our federal financial well-beiing with his proposed new mortgage rules which were to include longer amortization periods & smaller down payments ala the American crash & burn.

He got away with highway robbery & a near criminal act by burying his trust tax , seniors incomes & their savings beneath 18 subsequently recalled blacked-out pages of tax loss proof.

Flowery sayings , a lot of dodging & weaving , & a weak opposition are all that has kept his wheels from coming off.

May he "blow a tire soon".

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't it make sense for the financial press to attack Flaherty?

Well I can answer that: Harper is a snake charmer, and the Canadian reporters are snakes.

Never in all the history of democracy has the profession of journalism sunk so low as what is happening in Canada.

The low-life reporters in Canada don't even have venom. They are kissy-kissy snakes.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious stuff reading LibLogs...bunch of whining wienies

Dr Mike said...

Anonymous said...
Hilarious stuff reading LibLogs...bunch of whining wienies

January 10, 2011 12:10 PM

How on God`s green earth do you figure this is a Liblog??

We are against anyone who subverts democracy.

The present group of Cons are just better at it than most & only slightly better than the Liberals.

As far as I can tell , none of them deserve our vote.

Dr Mike Popovich

PS---love the anonymous posting---feeling a little cajone-free today are we??