Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two CEOs slam Flaherty’s trust decision as a blunder and a mistake

Today BNN spoke with Rebecca Macdonald, CEO of Just Energy Trust, and Don Gray, CEO of Peyto Energy Trust about Flaherty’s trust decision:

See the 7:00 mark here


Anonymous said...

Here we have CEO's with guts on what it takes to be Canadian to be a Canadian company for Canadians.

Shame on this Government for this Blunder of a decision.
Harper / Flaherty / Carney
The Fraud Bunch !


Dr Mike said...

It appears that income trusts were just "too Canadian" for this gov`t because they were owned by little people like you & I.

For some reason they prefer foreign & private ownership to a truly Made-In-Canada "owned by the public" product.

Tax leakage was the trumped-up "fake lake" style reason given for the tax change that killed this sector , while retaining stock options & absolute financial control for the CEOs were the real reasons.

Jim Flaherty , the Bernie Madoff of Canada.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

As the ancient bisexual Xenophon pointed out some 2400 years ago, a blunder is unintentional. But Flaherty's false testimony to the Finance Committee and his blacked-out report proves he knew was not telling the complete and accurate truth. He knew what he was doing.

Flaherty's trust decision was worse than a blunder.

What else could X tell us about the Connies?

Anonymous said...

Not so much a blunder and a mistake as a calculated crime against investors based on fraud and deception.


don bool said...

A calculated crime against investors based on fraud and deception. That,s it in a nutshell. "Well said". And that,s the reason to keep this web site going. A crime was committed and with the MSM and the other political parties collusion they expect it to fade away and be forgotten.(the Green party are an exception)
Not in my lifetime. I look at it as personal entertainment to always remind these crooks it,s not forgotten.
You don,t know until you try if you can have any influence to change the crooks who are running the show. It can be educational,informative and entertaining to never say never. . How any individual can become a politician and promote criminal behaviour and justify it with their spin and lies is beyond me. They,re the lowest of the low in my books. The most uncivilized disgusting excuse for human beings are what these politicians represent.
I intend to be a thorn in their sides until i croak!

Dr Mike said...

"I intend to be a thorn in their sides until I croak!" ~~~~ Don Bool

Don , I am right there with you on this one , till we croak.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Wow CEO's who actually get it on income trusts and BNN didn't edit their comments?!!! - shocking but hopeful.
The message is starting to get out loud and clear "The Harper Gov't sold off Canada cheap to foreigners at the expense of regular Canadians. We are sick of the lies and B.S"
Hmm maybe anti-Harper / anti Flaherty is starting to sell so media outlets will actually allow the truth?
Keep the site going ... now is the time to keep up the pressure.
Canadians need to be reminded - the sale of resources our resources cheap equals bowing to our new foreign masters.

There have been some changes at CBC to correct some past CON stupidity - maybe now is the time to remind them about this issue and their previous biased reporting on this issue? Canadians demand to see the 18 blacked out pages.

crf said...

I can just imagine Fabrice Taylor watching these CEOs on his television and screaming:

"No! You're wrong! You're all wrong!"

Anonymous said...

FaBreeze Taylor

I forgot about the CFA mouthpiece
of suppose sound advice.

FaBreeze, for your on going CFA educational credits, have a blog debate with these CEO's of Just Energy and Peyto Energy, about Income trust fiasco.
Yes a Blog debate because you would not stand a chance in a live debate !

And of course we will fresh up the room with FeBreeze once you leave ?


Anonymous said...

Any thinking person knows that a crime was perpetrated on the Canadian people not just investors. That's because billions of tax dollars per year are lost to foreign interests. Remember this the next time you're waiting in a hospital that's over crowded due to lack of funding.

The Ambulance Chaser is the worst finance minister of all time. Not only that, I dare say his actions border on criminal.

Harper is just a plain liar. Every thinking person can see that. It surprises me that anyone in Canada would vote for these incompetents.


Anonymous said...

Trust investors check out these comments ... (nothing we don't already know)

Jan 25 G&M
Manulife woes spark talk of shareholder activism - section 2 in article another takeover in energy sector ...

"One perceived advantage for American oil and gas companies looking at buying in Canada is that they can get more leverage than Canadian acquirers, giving them a cost of capital advantage. American banks are willing to lend smaller oil companies more, with as much as twice as much debt per dollar of cash flow on offer. They also have access to more financing in other areas of the capital structure such as bond debt and preferred shares, bankers say.

The disappearance of the trust structure, which allowed many Canadian producers to trade at high multiples, is also tilting the balance back toward American buyers.

That may widen the number of parties interested in purchases of companies such as oil and gas explorer Prospex Resources, which put itself up for sale on Monday."

Brent Fullard said...


Thanks for pointing that out. I will post a blog on that Globe comment.

Anonymous said...

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