Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alf Apps does a 180. Things must really be desperate!

In his letter, Mr. Apps also appealed for the party to be more inclusive through this renewal process and to “respect the honestly held viewpoints of each party member, including all in our deliberations.”

WOW, that really would be a change! Why don't I believe it?

Liberals urged to take stunning blow on the chin

OTTAWA— Globe and Mail Update
Published Wednesday, May. 04, 2011 5:51PM EDT

Calling their election defeat “a deeply personal experience,” Liberal Party president Alfred Apps is appealing to all Liberals now to put that behind them, regroup, assign no blame and begin the long process of rebuilding.

“Our future as a party will depend, more than ever, on preserving our unity, broadening our vision and keeping clear and cool heads over the coming weeks and months about what we need to do,” Mr. Apps wrote in a two-page letter to Liberals, released Wednesday.

Canada's Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff waves as he and his wife Zsuszanna Zsohar (R) leave after announcing his resignation as Liberal leader during a news conference in Toronto May 3, 2011. Ignatieff is leaving politics after losing his seat in Monday's federal election.

Many Liberals fear that the election result has now divided the country more sharply between left and right, leaving little room for a party of the centre.

But Mr. Apps is not giving up on Liberalism. He says it’s not “dead in Canada.”

“Far from it,” he wrote. “Our commitment as Liberals remains to a resolutely centrist political party, to a program that blends and balances fiscal responsibility with social compassion. … We must not now surrender to tired ideologies, whether of the right or left, in search of what can work in the real world to make the lives of Canadians better.”

The Toronto lawyer, who was one of the troika to travel to Cambridge, Mass., to encourage Michael Ignatieff to quit Harvard University to join the Liberal Party – with the idea of him eventually becoming leader – is now warning about falling into the trap of finding an easy fix.

“This is not the time for making rash judgments or speedy conclusions,” he said. “This is not the time for Liberals to be seduced by political expediency or parliamentary convenience.”

He said, too, it was not a time to point fingers or for hand-wringing. Rather, “we need to move forward to a reasonable period of constructive stability and collective reflection.”

Mr. Ignatieff announced his intention Tuesday to resign as Liberal leader after the disastrous outcome Monday that saw the party reduced to a mere 34 seats. Mr. Ignatieff lost his own seat in Toronto, where the once-mighty Liberal fortress there collapsed.

It was a humiliating loss.

Mr. Ignatieff’s announcement means yet another Liberal leadership convention; every election, it seems, there is a new Liberal leader. It will be the fourth since Paul Martin took over from Jean Chrétien in 2003.

Liberal caucus is to meet next week to decide on an interim leader; the national board of the party will have to decide on a date for a future convention – the earliest possible date would not be until next year.

In his letter, Mr. Apps also appealed for the party to be more inclusive through this renewal process and to “respect the honestly held viewpoints of each party member, including all in our deliberations.”

This is no time for the “faint-hearted,” he wrote, asking those who want to help to “dust” themselves off and commit to work.


Dr Mike said...

Just got my letter from Alf too

All I can say is that "I want my money back"

I might as well have donated it to myself & used it to go golfing ---- at least with golf , having balls is not a dirty word.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Time for a new Liberal Party president. Both he and David Smith were lousy reps for the Liberal Party on political panels too.

Dr Mike said...

One other thing

A couple months back Mr Apps & several other prominent Liberals let it be known that they didn`t appreciate my constant "outsider" style comments about the party & it`s direction.

What I & others suggested was just common sense thinking & was meant to force improvement & was not meant to be critical for any malicious reasons.

To send out letters now like all is forgiven seems just a tad hypocritical as I still have the same views & the same outsider thoughts.

Oh well , probably just me.

Maybe I will just "buzz-off" as they once suggested.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:46

Frankly I think Apps shouldn't be doing TV panels at all or sending out mass letterhead messages that do anything other then communicate party business and notifications from the party executive ... that or he shouldn't be President. It has nothing to do with whether he's "good" at them or not it's not his job to be a pundit it's his job to run the nuts and bolts of the party I'd rather have a president of of the "behind the scenes" variety.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the Liberals need to think long and hard about the direction of their party first. The last time they ran into anointing a leader was a disaster. They need to re-think policy first then elect a leader aligned with that policy. Of course, WTF do I know.

Crap like tanker bans, cap-and-trade (aka the Green Shaft) just isn’t what’s important. Pick one or two key items and keep focused on them. Fundraising is also key. But in my view this goes with policy. Who’s going to support you if you have no policy or the policies you have are so arcane – at least to the Tim’s crowd?

It seems to me that the Liberals listened to every little NGO and other special interest group out there to formulate policy. And look what it got them. A tanker ban on the west coast probably satisfied the 4 guys from the Dogwood Initiative ( but BC at large didn’t give a shit. In fact, most probably realized how stupid this idea is in the first place. As in, how the hell to you fuel Vancouver Island and other locations on the west coast with such a ban? Oh and why is it OK to run tankers on the east coast but not the west coast?

Old dumb as a fox Jack talked about health care, jobs, looking after seniors and so on.

Harper talked about squat during the campaign because he had been campaigning for the last two years against the hapless Liberals. All he wanted to say had already been said, over and over and over again. Iggy is an American only here for himself. (Driven home by jack’s debate line – “you’ve been absent for 70% of the votes”). We are good money managers. The big bad coalition. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Say nothing now for fear of screwing up the message you’ve been delivering for the past two years.

What ever happened to the executive team at the Liberals? The current group are just awful.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone read Mr. Apps speech to the Empire club. Some amazing stuff! This guy should be a member of parliament where his ideas can be heard. Is there anyone else of this view?

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