Monday, May 2, 2011

Now it's the Liberal's turn to be held in the voters

I have never seen a person squander opportunity after opportunity after opportunity like Michael Ignatieff.

Now he has even out done himself by having triggered an election when he was some 10 points down from the ruling Conservatives, and transforming a Conservative minority government into a Conservative. To quote Barack Obama's put down of Donald Trump:

"Well done sir. Well done".

As for squandering opportunity after opportunity after opportunity, Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party did NOTHING to expose the lies, deceit and incompetence of the Harper on the income trust tax. A tax that was predicated on the total false and fabricated argument that income trusts cause tax leakage. A tax that caused REAL tax leakage of over $1 billion a year from the foreign takeover of income trusts, where no tax leakage existed in the first place. A tax that caused Canadians to lose $35 billion of their life savings. A tax that destroyed an essential retirement income investment vehicle that is essential to the 75% of Canadians that are without employee pensions. A tax that unfairly imposed on the 75% of Canadians without pensions and not the 25% of with pensions.

What did the Liberals do for Canadians on this issue? Nothing, Is it any wonder that Cannadian voters are holding the Liberals in contempt?


Hishighness said...

Why in the fuck are you on Liblogs? Go join the blogging dippers and watch Harper destroy Canada because of them.

Anonymous said...

Squander indeed. Wouldn't it had been better for Iggy to grab power via the dreaded coalition and build his 'brand' while in power?

The cons would have kicked and screamed but who cares. Now we are stuck with that arrogant gloating pric for 4 freaking years.

Thank you Iggy.

Anonymous said...


This is what I told my young daughters: “This is the day that fascism began in Canada”.

I am sad and very angry at the liberals for letting this happen.

Thanks to the Liberal Party of Canada, we now have a fascist government in Canada.

Words escape me for how pissed I am with the Liberals.


Anonymous said...

You guys can't say you weren't told you were gonig to lose if you did this. You did it anyway. And you lost - badly.

Anonymous said...

Randy, you are so right and like you I am so pissed. The Liberals did not listen to us and I guess they get what they deserved. Trouble is we will all pay a hefty price. Bruce


Anonymous said...

Currently on AM 640; caller expresses fear of Harper majority; uses Income Trusts as example... quickly cut off and redirected by Ar-loony Bynoonen...


Anonymous said...

Apparently the electorate truly empathize with a sociopath.

I hear that Belize is lovely this time of decade...


p.s. I sure hope they enjoy what they get.

At least Harper won't have to Lie, Conceal & Fabricate anymore...?

Dr Mike said...

The Liberal party is dead.

The Bloc is dead.

Jack`s jumpers will be dead within 2 years once the people see his party policy for what it is.

Well done Elizabeth May but one seat won`t a party make.

Harper will very soon kill public party funding to all but eliminate the competition.

Put all of this together & you will have Con rule for the foreseeable future.

Yahoo , can`t wait.

Dr Mike Popovich

PS--Man , I hate those Cons

Anonymous said...


Tory majority
NDP opposition
Liberal & Bloc decimated, yes decimated

Green planted


Brent Fullard said...

Message from Elizabeth May:

Thanks to you all!! You have always stood up for truth. I stand with you and I will speak for you.


marie said...

Randy, its really not fair to blame the liberals. I blame the brain washed citizens such as yourself who fell for the lying Harper party even knowing of all the gaffs he hasplayed the previous 5 years since elected the the bias media spoon feeding people like you all the Pork crap.