Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mark Carney: Not much more than his master's voice

Carney is not much more than his master's voice.  Carney and Flaherty have lunch once every week to coordinate their stories.
Since the James Coyne affair it is the Minister of Finance who has the last word.  Carney cannot disagree with Flaherty publicly as he would be forced to resign.
In the last few weeks Carney echoed his master's voice at least twice with a two day delay.
Flaherty: The high level of the Canadian dollar does not only have negative impact it also has some good sides
Two days later.  Carney:  The high level of the Canadian dollar is not a problem and has some advantages,
Flaherty: Corporations are sitting on a huge pile of cash.  They should invest more to create jobs and stimulate the economy.
Two days later.  Carney: Corporations are sitting on a pile of cash they should either invest it or return it to shareholders as dividends to stimulate the economy.
Next. Watch the coming story about interest rates in the aftermath of the Fed pronouncement.  Carney has been talking a lot in recent months about imminent interest rate increases.  Very soon he will be effusive about keeping the rates very low for the foreseeable future.  


Dr Mike said...

As the Phantom of the Opera says to Christine "sing my angel sing" ---- & she does.

Sing my Marky sing ---- & he does.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

While these two Puppy Chow lovers
get on the same script punchline ! Here we have our beloved PM Harper on SUN Tv still believing we have a sound recovery in Canada. He missed the last recession like a puppy !

" "I thought that while the recovery would be slow, I did not expect the level of uncertainty that we still see," he said. "

My My the Masters Voice for Puppys !


Anonymous said...

Neither of these two guys should be running a country's finances. We have the worst finance minister of all time being support buy bank governor who doesn't understand the difference between tax differed and tax loss.

But they are at least both in the pocket of big CCCE. What a claim to fame.