Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Published in the Barrie Examiner

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Canada in danger of becoming fascist state

Robin Brentnall
Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks from on board the HMCS St. John's in Churchill, Man. (Chris Wattie Rueters)
Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks from on board the HMCS St. John's in Churchill, Man. (Chris Wattie Rueters)
The RCMP have finally started to help Elections Canada with its investigation.

This comes after much public outcry by the Council of Canadians and millions of Canadians.

Now we see more than 500 RCMP members in British Columbia alone bashing the RCMP Commissioner, Bob Paulson, ‘chastising him and other senior RCMP managers for a host of controversies and alleged institutional failures.’

Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed Paulson. With the amount of dissent towards the leadership in the RCMP all across Canada, why would the PM keep this person at the helm of the RCMP ship?
We also see the Military Chief of Defence staff selection taking more time than usual. Why? Is it to find a Harper favourite, someone to tow the party line so to speak?

Canada is in serious trouble of becoming a fascist state.

The national police force (RCMP) has a Harper pick at the helm.

CSIS has had its control mechanism taken away, so it is only answerable to Harper.

Governor General is a hand-picked position and very quiet on all things Harper.

The Senate is hand-picked and passed Bill C-38, the most damaging bill ever passed in Canada.
Elections Canada is under the control of hand-picked Harperites, including the investigator of the robocall/election fraud.

The Supreme Court will soon hold only hand- picked Harper favourites. And now the military will have a hand picked CDS that Harper wants.

Is it time for a coup d’etat? Or do we wait until the other political parties are deemed illegal as was seen in 1930’s Germany?

Is it time for the RCMP to make arrests of all those in the Conservative Party for conspiring to commit election fraud and take away their illegitimate government’s ability to function in the destructive fashion that we’ve seen by Harper and his MPs since May 2011?

Is it time for the second in command of the Canadian Forces to take control of our troops and the Governor General to direct the opposition parties to form a coalition government until this can get sorted out?

Opposition MPs had better figure something out fast or Canada will not be the one that we know and love in the near future.

It’s time to act, now.

Robin Brentnal
Gambo, NL


Anonymous said...

Guess this story falls in line with this letter.


According to the RCMP, the plane was ordered to land because it could have posed a security risk to the prime minister (the truth of mass destruction).
In an email to The Canadian Press, an RCMP spokeswoman said the plane appeared to be flying in restricted airspace over Parliament Hill.
However, the union said the flight plan was approved in advance and the plane didn't violate restricted air space.


Anonymous said...

So, let me get this correct. This PM has the same basic powers that every PM has had in Canada for the past 50 years, but, now all of a sudden its "fascist"? Trudeau appointed many SCJ's and RCMP Heads, was that fascist too? I guess invoking the War Measures Act was the ultimate act in fascism. Dalton McGuinty ordered the OPP to not to enforce Ontario Law in Caledonia...fascism? What about the OPP and Toronto Police's role under an Ontario Liberal Premier during the G20 meetings? If thats not a prime example of facsim then nothing is. The main issue with Liberals right now is, everything Harper is doing has been done before by Liberal PM's. Its a sticky situation, and, the main reason the LPC continues to lose seat count election after election. Oh, and IMHO they all behave like fascists and we keep electing them.

Bruce Benson said...

So let me know if this correct. No PM in Canadian history except for Harper has lied and deceived so much, destroyed so much investor and senior capital, sold the country down the tubes at the expense of Canadian investors for the benefit of Chinese and foreign owned government corporations, promised the world and broken almost all promises, supported so much corruption and been involved in so many underhanded activities from Robo calls to in-out election fraud, hmmm, the list is endless. No PM has done so much damage and destroyed so much of our Country and this asshole continues to run Ram Rod over everything. Not even contempt of Parliament can stop this prick.