Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If only Terry Corcoran were journalist enough to expose Harper's hoax of tax leakage as "Decision-based evidence making"

Decision-based evidence making

Terence Corcoran, Financial Post Published: Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Obama administration yesterday released its blockbuster global-warming propaganda document, Global Climate Change Impacts on the United States. It's a doozy, filled with colour graphics, maps and dramatic pictures. The message: We're all going to climate hell. Action needed now.


Dr Mike said...

Good policy seems to be made-up of nice banners , colorful graphs & real cool & endearing sayings.

Toss in a little evidence manufactured to fit your policy & voila , the deed is done.

Anybody remember the Corvair??

I rest my case.

Dr Mike Popovich

Kephalos said...

If and when Canada legalizes all business relations called "prostitution", our wise legislators must remember to grandfather 90%+ of the reporters and editors in this great democracy of full disclosure and equal treatment of all citizens.