Saturday, June 6, 2009

Will Canadian seniors be allowed to sue the rogue government of Stephen Harper over his act of “nest egg” terrorism?

Will Canadian seniors be allowed to sue the rogue government of Stephen Harper over his act of “nest egg” terrorism?

As facile and idiotic as anything the Stephen Harper government had done in the last three years in office, we learned this past week that as Canadians we will be able to combat terrorism by having the right to claim for damages in court against said terrorists. How non-operative and non-binding can such a right possibly be? This very court privilege coming from the same Prime Minister who cancelled all funding to the Court Challenges Program. A program that used to provide the essential funding that made possible the challenge of matters that would otherwise be in opposition to Canada’s constitution or Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom from people who otherwise had no means to make such court challenges.

Gone is the means to uphold Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom. Replaced with the fanciful idea of taking terrorists to court?

What Never Neverland does Stephen Harper reside in?

And how exactly are Canadians who have been victims of terrorism supposed to fund the court challenge of terrorists or ever expect terrorists to appear in court or for terrorists to make good on court ordered restitution?

Most terrorists espouse some form of ideological dogma as justification for their random acts of terrorism on innocent law abiding citizens and employ friendly news organizations sympathetic to those causes to help foment violence and hatred against the perceived enemy and convoluted attempts to justify the acts of terrorism.

Here in Canada, we have witnessed the very same thing, with the wanton and random destruction by Stephen Harper of $35 billion in Canadians’ retirement savings.

Instead of being accused as being “capitalist pigs”, these investors were accused of being “coupon clippers”. Instead of being accused of “bringing moral decay to civilization”, these investors were accused of creating “tax leakage and the shifting of tax burden”. Instead of using “Pravda” or “Al Jazeera” to spread their dogmatic nonsense about tax leakage, the rogue government of Stephen Harper has the entire Canwest, CTVglobemedia and Torstar “empires” at his disposal to promulgate his nonsense quasi-religion, to his zealotry about tax leakage. How many of those so called news organizations have lifted a finger or devoted any resources to ascertain the truth or fiction about tax leakage, which is the central premise for what is otherwise a complete exercise in random terrorism?

Any chance that the Stephen Harper rogue government will be on Peter Van Loans’ as yet approved list of governments that Canadians can sue over acts of terrorism, like the October 31, 2006 act of terrorism that destroyed people’s lives and source of retirement income, and causing $35 billion of their life savings to be destroyed over night for reasons that have NEVER BEEN PROVEN to be valid?

Canada proposes victims can sue terrorists

June 2, 2009

OTTAWA (AFP) - The Canadian government unveiled a proposed law Tuesday that would allow victims of terrorism to sue perpetrators of the attacks and their supporters.

"The government of Canada is committed to fighting terrorism and to holding the perpetrators and supporters of terrorism accountable for their actions," Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan said in a statement.

With the bill, still to be considered by parliament, "we are providing a means for victims to seek justice against the individuals, organizations and foreign states that support terrorism," he said.

Plaintiffs would need to consult a list of states deemed by Canada's foreign affairs and public safety ministers to have supported terrorist activities.

The list is to be put together at a later date, Van Loan told reporters.


Dr Mike said...

What a joke!!!

Everyone can sue the Canadian government but Canadians---how sweet is that---not for us but for them.

They can do , say & get away with whatever the freaking hell they want & we have no recourse.

Got to love a democracy where the rule of government rules over the will of the majority.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Sheeesh. Gambling on the stock market is now considered a "nest egg".

You know what wise people would say - never gamble that which you cannot afford to lose.

What next - the government bails out people for money they spend on losing Lotto tickets.

Dr Mike said...


Got to like the name--is that your first name or your last.


In the conservative election platform one of their promises was:-

"To enact legislation to ensure that full, just and timely compensation will be paid to all persons who are deprived of personal or private property as a result of any federal government initiative, policy, process, regulation, or legislation.”

Millions of Canadian investors that have lost Billion of dollars due to Harpers Income Trust Debacle would love to hear the cheque is in the mail.

So Anonymous, where is my cheque??

Dr Mike Popovich

CAITI said...

Hey Anonymous:

So you like the term "nest egg"?

Harper was the one to coin that term during the 2006 election. He probably thought it was more evocative, so he used it all across the country to great effect, as follows:

“You know where the Liberals stand on raiding seniors nest eggs, whether it is death taxes or taxing income trusts, a new Conservative government will never let this happen”

Anonymous said...

DEMOCRACY WOULD YELL YES, YES, YES! Democracy would NOT take no for the answer by the 'perpetraitors'. Any DEMOCRATIC party and politician would DEMAND this.


When Reuters reports that our Canadian Dollar falls hard against the American Dollar because of ...... THINK! QUESTION! CONNECT THE DOTS!

Canadian politicians love to strut the nonsense of our Canadian Dollar being TOO HIGH and that it will hurt our export manufacturing niche; but ask yourself - WHAT MANUFACTURING?

What they're NOT telling you, and just in case you're all too lazy to think, and don't want to budge off that comfy couch - THE AMERICAN BEHEMOTH PROBABLY LOVES TO GET OUR NATURAL RESOURCES SO CHEAP!!!!! Think oil, think water - and then vomit when you finally see what's ultimately left for Canadians after our government ALLOWS all to be stolen, without the blood and expense of war. The media would rarely report that kind of subterfuge. Nor would your smiling, blinking politician.

The end result is guaranteed to be an horrendous environmental devastation (the big guys never pay for that); agonizingly painful loss of our very special healthcare system (there's just too many of us though, at the wrong age to suit THEIR purpose); and a complete and utter death of our Canadian soil and identity.

The next visit you make to a deceased, loved one's final resting place - ask yourself if they died in vain, by sacrificing, for the sake of CANADA.

And now the shovel ready shit - ARE YOU READY TO SHOVEL THE SHIT,TAXPAYERS? Looks like we're all going to HAVE to have some form of mass transit within communities - NOT very taxpayer friendly though- AND at the same time, the NOT taxpayer friendly bailout of the auto industry. THEY want us to believe that we NEED to pay for travel to nowhere and for no reason. SO - get in your car, take the mass transit system, buy a car, park it, get on the mass transit system to nowhere (no real jobs anymore - look at the empty buses!) PAY PAY PAY PAY. WHEN are we going to stop these clueless, "elected" dictators? How dare THEY tell us WHERE and WHAT the demand is!! HOW DARE they force growth that only ends in die-offs!!!!

Some of you might be familiar with RIM Park in Waterloo?! Many not-so-nice words that begin with "F" could be used to describe that passage of PAY, PAY, PAY, PAY onto taxpayers. Remember WHO is stuck with the bill that never ends? - hey mr. balsillie - why don't you just pay THAT off instead of obsessing over hamilton hockey?